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Whether you are seeking beautiful hair or beautiful longer lashes…….we are confident that you will be happy with what we have to offer.



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Images by Ann Marie Walts

Great Lengths Hair Extensions-Ann Marie Walts

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    Some Salon Info

    The Loft Salon Studio~ Ann Marie Walts will be personally taking care of you….from start to finish.

    With 20+ years experience, one of the best professional and creative decision was the unique idea of not double booking guests.

    Much of that stemmed from a background of serious corrective color and then progress to the type of services/and treatments that are the studio’s specialty.

    Your Consultation & Services will be tailored to you and what your hair needs.   You can expect undivided and punctual attention for your visits.


    Actual Hair Extension & Makeover Photos

    Ann Marie Walts

    Hair Stylist  & Photographer

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Mobile Hair Extensions Consultations

Xtreme Lash Services


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  • Unlimited Hair Colors

    Whether you colored your hair at home and need help or want to simply change your hair color, then you have come to the right place.

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  • All About Extensions

    You’ll be amazed how many options there are for hair extensions. We offer a variety of applications and brands.

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  • Xtreme Lash Extensions

    • Directory Listed
    • Advanced Certified
    • Lash Stylist Of The Month

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Photographer & Hair Stylist

Actual Photographs of Great Lengths Hair Extensions

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  • Affordable-Hair-Extensions-Near-Boston

Multicultural Hair Makeover in Western Mass

Get Rid Of Your Frizz

We offer Bio Ionic Smoothing or Straightening.

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Why Choose The Loft Salon Studio?


    • 100% Private Appointments All The Time
    • Redken Certified Colorist/Former Educator
    • Specialize in Hair Extensions
    • Versed In Curly Hair Solutions




    • Educate you on “How To” Style Hair
    • Detailed Oriented
    • Stay Current With Trends
    • Work On NYC Photo Shoots
    • and much more …



  • Getting Married?


    • Wedding Photography
    • Special Occasion Hairstyles
    • On Location Services
    • Makeup
  • Manicures & Pedicures

    Ann Marie Walts is a published celebrity manicurist.

    Get celebrity treatment today!

    • Minx Nails
    • OPI
    • Creative
    • Shellac- Gel Manicures
  • Photography Services

    • Facebook Profile Pic Makeovers
    • Family Photography
    • Lifestyle Photography
    • Event Photography
    • Children’s Photography