Dyeing To Turn Heads- Haircolor Makeover

Redhead Haircolor From Blonde- Hair Salon in West SpringfieldAre you “Dyeing To Turn Heads”?   

This week’s makeover features Laurie.  She is our local talent who has a voice that is so soul-filled that some of us are encouraging her to try out for the T.V. Show The Voice.

Laurie is no stranger to being a redhead and in fact this is her second time, but this time a very warm tone.

Our inspiration was torn straight out of a magazine and this time she requested a different shade of red hair color than the last time.

Her skin tone is like porcelain and she has light eyes.

Should you have these two same characteristics, than it is very likely that you would be able  to be a brunette, blonde or a redhead.

To ensure that her color was going to be rich and beautiful, I did two applications of  reddish tones of haircolor.


For Laurie’s color I used Redken Shades EQ for a warm back fill all over and Essensity for the final shade.

The color that I used was a soft warm, apricot, pale auburn with a splash of a deeper copper.

The reason for doing this is, if I had just gone ahead and tried to simply apply the very strong orange/red hair color that was in the picture, Laurie’s hair color would not have come out with the nice reflective tones that I was able to achieve in the end.

Some parts of her old blond hair color were so light that her hair color would have simply just come out ORANGE.

Her final application of hair color was done with Schwarzkoph’s Organic hair color called Essensity.  Essensity is odor free and contains a beautiful assortment of essential oils.

Essensity is a hair color line that is  free from artificial fragrances, silicones, paraffin-/mineral oils and parabens.

This color line is great choice if you have some sensitivities to traditional haircolor.


Hair Color Salon- Specializing in Corrective Hair color in West Springfield, Mass 01089

The choice to work with and experience hair colorist versus trying to do this is at home with “at home box hair color” is that there is the ultimate option(s) of customization.

In the case of Laurie’s hair color look, her final color application was a custom blend of 3 different shades of the blazing families and also the balance of depth.

Schwarzkoph hair color is very dimensional and has such an exquisite unique way of reflecting light that all I can compare it to is diamonds or a prism.

The way a diamond can reflect all the colors of the rainbow is very, very similiar to the way each hair will have the various tones of the hair color family that the shade is made of.

Laurie is also wearing Xtreme Lashes.


Beautiful hair is timeless.

Beautiful hair color is priceless.


Turning heads……simple fun.



(Hair, Makeup and Photography by Ann Marie Walts)


Enjoys all aspects about beauty and photography. Specializes in complete makeovers, extensions for hair and lashes, photography, makeup, manicuring/pedicuring.
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