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Thermal Hair Extensions, Cold Fusion & Tape Hair Extensions………yes, I have them!


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Makeover Consultation

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  • All About Hair Extensions and Xtreme Lashes for all of Massachusetts and Boston

  • It all starts with a design consultation so that I can truly understand your desires, as well as evaluate your hair for the optimum results.  We will talk about color, volume, length, care and any questions you may have.

    What to expect?

    • 1 hour of consultation time
    • Full explanation of attachment and aftercare process
    • Hair Extension Hair Color Shades are selected
    • The cost of you makeover will be determined

    Is there a charge for the consultation?

    Yes.   The hair extension consultation is a  $75.

    This fee will put towards your extension service. (No substitutions.)

    This fee is a non-refundable & pre-paid with a major credit card at the time of the appointment booking.

    *If you do not move foward with booking your extensions then the consultation fee pays for the salon’s time to meet with you.

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     More Questions? See FAQ


Thickening Your Hair

  • Tammy

  • Fine Hair:

    Fine hair can greatly benefit from adding additional hair with hair extensions.


    Have you tried EVERYTHING?

    • Volume Shampoo
    • Volume Potion
    • Volume Mousse

    Typically, the first thing that comes to mind when speaking about hair extensions is that hair extensions are just for length.

    Not so.

    This is an example of what a “Thickening-Adding Volume” service can look like.     The amount of thickness will be dependent on what type of look you are going for.

    Additionally, what will influence how thick your hair will look will be dependent on the natural density of your own hair.

    This makeover solution is about adding hair internally to your existing natural length.

    Starting at $1,200


Full Lengthenings

  • Hair Extensions Makeovers

  • Natural Looking & Beautiful

    Transforming your hair with Great Lengths in one day will give you the hair that is almost impossible to grow on your own.

    100% of the hair sourced for Great Lengths is from the Temples of India. This is the finest source of virgin hair available in the marketplace that is most compatible with Caucasian and European hair textures. The quality of our hair is unmatched.

    How Much?

    That is an understandable common question, however the most difficult to answer.

    All Designs are not the same.

    The reason(s) why are varying factors such as:

    • How many colors will be used?
    • What is the density of your own hair?   Is it fine or very, very thick
    • What is the end result length?

    What you can expect:

    • Maximum amount of customization.
    • Very Beautiful Hair
    • A luxurious pampering experience……..ALL ABOUT YOU

    Starting $1999 & Up 

    Aftercare Gift With All Hair Extension Packages


Corrective Work

  • Meghan -by Ann Marie Walts-Great Lenghts


  • Zonal Work

    The beauty of Great Lengths Application is that it can take care of and area to correct an unfortunate mishaps.


    • Poor haircuts
    • Chemical work gone wrong

    Do not suffer trying to grow it out.

    Starting at $900




Non Chemical Hair Color

  • annmariewaltsImage5large

  • Adding “Color” & Thicken Your Sides

    Great Lengths Hair Extensions comes in different lengths.

    For this look, 8″ length hair extension hair was used in different shades of blond.


    Multi-Dimensional Hair Color

    If you did not know any better, you may think that this look was done with a traditional hair color techniques; such as foiling.



    • No Long Term Commitment
    • Non-Damaging
    • Adds Thickness

    You are more or less……..”accessorizing your hair with hair extensions”

    Starting at $800


Non Chemical Hair Color


  • Crazy Colored Great Lengths

  • Add A Splash of Color

    These color fast hair color shades can add some vivid and trendy color to your hair in minutes.

    The durability of the color versus trying to achieve these shades with traditional chemical hair color is hard to beat

    (No consult necessary)

    $15 per strand or Buy One and Get One free.

    *up to 10 strands

Press 2014

Modern Salon Interview

  • Modern Salon-Ann Marie Walts

  • March 2014~Featured

    Professional surprises keep mounting up over the recent years!

    The PR department of Great Lengths called one afternoon and asked would it be o.k. to give my name to Vance Publications for an interview?


    That was the initial surprise the being interviewed by a leading industries publication is such an honor.

    The interview was very interesting because the audience that the material was going to be for was the new/next generation of hairstylists coming into the industry.   This interview happened sometime ago, and the story was put on hold for a bit.

    Social Media, Twitter & A Smartphone…

    To my surprise and huge surprise, my phone chimed and it was a push notice from TWITTER.

    …..oddly enough I thought I was seeing things when the tweet had my salon’s name in it.


    We have even been to the factory to meet Thomas Gold.