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Customizing Hair ExtensionsSpecializing in Hair Extensions with Microbonding

As a hair extension specialist, I will work with you and your specific hair type to best recommend what application of hair extensions will work for you.   In respecting the health of your hair and your long term goals and reasons for wanting to wear hair extensions, your consultation will be very informative.

Micr0-bonding is our studio’s specialty.  Micro-bonding is the process of customizing the size of the attachment material.

This type of customization will ensure that your hair extensions are ultra natural looking and comfortable.

Customize hair extensions will also allow you beautiful, unlimited color blend options.

Great Lengths comes in over 40+ shades but can you imagine being able to expand on that?


Great Lengths comes on lengths ranging from 8″ to 24″

Everything from just a splash of color to a full day makeover.


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    • How long does my hair have to be to get Great Lengths Hair Extensions?

      Your hair needs to be a minimum of 3 inches to add some volume. 4-5 inches to fully lengthen

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    • I just finished chemo treatments?

      Hair extensions can be provided once your hair is 3 inches long and you have stopped treatment for 6 month.


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    • How much will my Great Length Hair extensions be?

      Prices are given at your consultation because there are so many things to go over.  For example- thickness of your hair, how many colors, and what lengths of extensions are needed for your design.

      Consultations can take up to 1 hour.   Your consultation fee will be put towards your hair extension makeover service.  (Otherwise- Non Refundable to pay for Studio time.)

  • Damaged Hair Makeover Correction

  • 1 Add Color or Fix Me

    The very simple uses of hair extensions can be very practical.  Want to add color without harming your hair?

    Are you agonizing over a poor haircut, and have just a section that you wish could grow faster or back in?

    Crazy Colored Great Lengths

  • 2 Shhh….Just Thicken My Hair

    May 2014- Jennifer Lawerence confessed!!  To what you might ask?   She used hair extensions to thicken her hairstyle.

    From just a few strands to thickening only a section; you do not have to be frustrated with your hair any more.

    Are celebrities the only wearing hair extensions?  No.

    I am approaching almost 10 years of providing hair extensions, and each consultation has its own “story”.

    Professional salon haircare products are fabulous, however there are times that your favorite mousse cannot compare to more hair!



    What is in trend?

    Whatever style best suits you and your personality.



    Why is the studio so passionate about hair extensions?  

    It is like having extra material to a dress maker.  If you tend to like to switch things up with the shape, color and or length of your current hairstyle then more than likely you will enjoy the limitless options that Great Lengths Hair Extensions has to offer.


    What if I do not want hair extensions?

    No worries, and if you are reading this…..thanks for checking out our page.  We invite you to check out our Services page.




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  • 3 Give It To Me Now-Length

    Long hair is not for everyone but if you are the impatient sort and have to “have it now”, then you will experience of lot of “It’s My Me Time™….for sure!

    Full Lengthenings can take between 4 to 8 hours depending on the application and the density of your hair.

    Great Lengths Makeover




Press 2014

Recognized & Interviewed by Modern Salon 

  • Modern Salon-Ann Marie Walts

  • March 2014~Featured

    Professional surprises keep mounting up over the recent years!

    The PR department of Great Lengths called one afternoon and asked would it be o.k. to give my name to Vance Publications for an interview?


    That was the initial surprise the being interviewed by a leading industries publication is such an honor.

    The interview was very interesting because the audience that the material was going to be for was the new/next generation of hairstylists coming into the industry.   This interview happened sometime ago, and the story was put on hold for a bit.

    Social Media, Twitter & A Smartphone…

    To my surprise and huge surprise, my phone chimed and it was a push notice from TWITTER.

    …..oddly enough I thought I was seeing things when the tweet had my salon’s name in it.


    We have even been to the factory to meet Thomas Gold.

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