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Ann Marie Walts-Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are the answer to many bad hair day woes. As a leading Western Mass Hair Extensions salon we will always strive to provide you with the most education on how to take care of your hair extensions.

Consultation Necessary

Hair Extensions makeover and correction services require design/consultation time.    Please book a consultation first.

What to expect?

  • Up to 1 hour of consultation time
  • Full explanation of attachment and aftercare process
  • Hair Extension Hair Color Shades are selected
  • The cost of you makeover will be determined

Is there a charge for the consultation?

Yes.   The hair extension consultation is a  $75.

This fee is a non-refundable & pre-paid with a major credit card at the time of the appointment booking.

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  • Who gets hair extensions?

    • Graduates
    • Brides
    • Kids
    • Moms


  • Why Get Hair Extensions?

    • Add Thickness
    • Add Splashes of Vivid Colors
    • Add Highlights
    • Add Volume
    • Thickens sides

    ….and of course for adding length!

  • What Type of Hair Extensions Do You Offer?

    • Great Lengths Thermal 3200
    • Great Lengths Cold Fusion 5000
    • Great Lengths Tape Hair Extensions- Coming Soon!
    • Hotheads Tape Extensions
  • Full Lengthenings

    Natural Looking & Beautiful

    Transforming your hair with Great Lengths in one day will give you the hair that is almost impossible to grow on your own.

    100% of the hair sourced for Great Lengths is from the Temples of India. This is the finest source of virgin hair available in the marketplace that is most compatible with Caucasian and European hair textures. The quality of our hair is unmatched.

    How Much?

    That is an understandable common question, however the most difficult to answer.

    All Designs are not the same.

    The reason(s) why are varying factors such as:

    • How many colors will be used?
    • What is the density of your own hair?   Is it fine or very, very thick
    • What is the end result length?


    What you can expect:

    • Maximum amount of customization.
    • Unlimited Choices
    • Very Beautiful Hair
    • A pampering day……..ALL ABOUT YOU


    Starting $1900 to $4000

    Gift With All Hair Extension Packages

    Your design estimate fees will include everything & all services.

    Educated and Accurate Pricing at your private consultation.


    Great Lengths Hair Extensions in MA

  • Tammy

    Internal Volume Full Head

    Do you need thickness add to your hair all the way through?

    Starting at $1,200

  • Thickening~ Adding Volume  To Sides

    Very Practical


    Typically, the first thing that comes to mind when speaking about hair extensions is that hair extensions are just for length.

    Not so.

    This is an example of what a “Thickening-Adding Volume” service can look like.     The amount of thickness will be dependent on what type of look you are going for.

    Additionally, what will influence how thick your hair will look will be dependent on the natural density of your own hair.

    Fine Hair:

    Fine hair can greatly benefit from adding additional hair with hair extensions.

    Have you tried EVERYTHING?

    • Volume Shampoo
    • Volume Potion
    • Volume Mousse


    Starting at $800+

  • Corrective Work

    Unfortunately, there are times that “mishaps” happen with your hair.

    • Poor haircuts
    • Chemical work gone wrong

    Do not suffer trying to grow it out.

  • Adding Color

    “Non-Chemical Hair Color”


    Great Lengths Hair Extensions comes in different lengths.

    For this look, 8″ length hair extension hair was used in different shades of blond.


    Multi-Dimensional Hair Color

    If you did not know any better, you may think that this look was done with a traditional hair color techniques; such as foiling.



    • No Long Term Commitment
    • Non-Damaging
    • Adds Thickness

    You are more or less……..”accessorizing your hair with hair extensions”

  • annmariewaltsImage5large

  • “You Get What You Pay For…”

    Shopping Just by Price

    Hair extensions are a luxury service.

    Hair extensions are not a necessity but once you have had them………you will not want to be with out them.

    “Cheaper Options” can still be in the hundreds of dollars.

    Expensive Hair Extensions

    Truly the most expensive hair extensions are poorly applied hair extensions that cannot be comfortably worn for the anticipated time.    The picture shown is from a correction and the client shared her discomfort & disappointment.


    What Can Expect from The Loft Salon Studio?



    The studio is not just versed in Great Lengths Hair extensions, however Great Lengths hair extensions is certainly our “go to” brand and is the “Mercedes Benz” of hair extension lines.

    Ann Marie Walts is certified and experienced in:

    • Fusion Hair Extensions
    • Tape Hair Extensions
    • Bead Hair Extensions

    In previous years she was trained and certified to be a Balmain Hair Extension educator.   She is very serious about providing safe hair extensions.


    What you will receive:

    • Your hard earned money will not be wasted, first of all.
    • Owner~Ann Marie Walts will be taking care of you
    • Be completely educated about your extensions


    • Private appointment~ You will be the ONLY ONE in the studio
    • You will be feed lunch and/or supper
    • Watch Netflix
    • Do not lift a finger & Be waited on

    Our Promise:

    Ann Marie Walts will strive, to the best of her abilities, to provide superior workmanship


  • Best Hair Extensions-Makeup Makeover-Western Mass-01089 from The Loft Salon Studio on Vimeo.575881_10151443241733461_2051889717_n Anna-Hair-Extensions-Mass-

  • Are Great Lengths Reusable?

    Strand by Strand method….no and there are multiple reasons why.

    The removal process obviously involves destroying the bond and the GL bond is one of the most important points of difference of the product.

    Great Lengths arrive to the stylist with the bond pre-tipped to the Great Lengths Hair.

    This “pre-tipped” feature is vital in a stylist ability to make clean and precise attachments. Clean and precise attachments are vital to protecting the client’s natural hair and in the overall appearance of the application.

    To “re-use” Great Lengths strands, one would have to use a glue gun or glue melting pot to attach the strands and that would cause significant negative affect to the quality of the attachments, not mention the precision in which they are attached. Great Lengths strands are very precisely placed and rarely will a stylist use only one color of Great Lengths strands in a single application so they can match all colors of the client’s natural hair. Usually, GL stylists will work with a minimum of 2 to 3 colors in one application.

    To remove those specific attachments and then re-apply them precisely where they were before is next to impossible. Keep in mind, once any type of hair extension is applied it must me cut/blended into a style or design. Re-using the strands would require that the removed strands be re-attached at the precise place they were removed from. Otherwise the style, silhouette and hair length will be completely different than that of the first application. Most extension systems that claim “reusable” in reality mean that their product needs frequent and constant maintenance to re-adjust the attachment. This should be investigated thoroughly by clients considering “reusable” extensions. Once applied, Great Lengths need no ‘adjustment” until they are ready to be removed.

    The Attachment

    Microbonding Hair Extensions

    What is Micro-bonding ?

    Micro-bonding is a customization technique that creates “virtually undetectable” attachment sites.

    Why Micro-bonding?

    Great for fine to medium hair densities.

    Will not stress your hair

    Very Natural results


    Smaller attachments/bonds will not last as long.

    Not so.

    When your hair is properly prepped and properly cared for, then you can expect to wear your extensions with good longevity for 3 to 5 months.

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