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Set Your DVR!   As Seen on Mass Appeal


All About Eyebrows -Mass Appeal Appearance l Loft Salon Studio


 Eyebrow Extensions!

What will they think of next?    

Yes, eyebrow extensions!  

I offer a unique 3d eyebrow sculpture service that can last up to 2 weeks.


 Unlike Microblading…Brow Extensions non-invasive.

 The brand of brow treatments I offer is called Sleek Brows.

 The product is a liquid sculpture paint that can be pigmented.  



Are your brows sparse? 

Or Are you considering getting microblading?

It is understandable that you wish your brows were thicker.    Sometimes, your brows will get thinner and sparser with age.

 Trying Sleek Brows first, before you get microblading is an excellent option to ensure that you actually like the way you look with a stronger brow. 





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