Are You New To Extensions…I am not!

Hair Extensions Since 2006

If you think of how old you were in 2006, and if you are now in your 20's, then if you are looking for hair extensions, and do not know where to start... I get it.    I have been certified by Great Lengths Hair extensions since 2006!

What you may not know is that there is so much more that goes into getting a set of hair extensions that are safe, and done by an expert.


Avoid Misinformation

The unfortunate downside of doing your "research" from your phone is that there is TOO much conflicting information about hair extensions, that can just leave you confused.

Many clients that I have serviced in the past 3 to 5 years have shared that they found that my website was a real help because all of the information that it had on it, and the real hair extension photos.

Are Hair Extensions Expensive?

Well, let me share with you that hair extensions are a luxury, first of all.     Prices will vary due to how thick your hair is or how long you want your hair to be.

Comparing Price to Experience

If you are only seeking to find the "best price" for hair extensions, then you may be setting yourself up for the most costly mistake.

I have been specializing in hair extensions since 2006, and unfortunately have had to fix poor applications, because clients were looking for the "best price" and just assumed that the salon knew what they were doing when it came to offering hair extensions.

There is a severe difference in businesses that have hair extensions on a salon menu versus a salon that specializes in hair extensions. 

Picking Price Over Experience

It is understandable if you are brand new to wanting to get hair extensions, and do not know where to start.   As well as, you may be contemplating for the very first time splurging on your hair at a price point that is much higher than your average salon hair color appointment.

The most expensive hair extensions are a set of poorly applied hair extensions.    There is nothing more disappointing than saving your money to get a set of hair extensions, and then finding yourself disappointed.

Hair Extensions should not ever hurt.

No one should be able to tell that you are wearing hair extensions.

Hair Extensions should be so seamless that no one can tell you are wearing them, and that would include your best friend.   If someone can tell you are wearing hair extensions, then that is not a compliment.

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