Artificial Intelligence and Haircolor

Science Fiction is the invention of unrealistic ideas being tomorrow’s gadget, right?

Well, as a professional haircolorist….I draw a line when technology is trying to automate such an artistic profession.

True hair color formulation can be as artistic as a child playing with finger paints when they discover that if they mix a two colors that they will get a third.

It’s amazing how as we all (or quite of few of us) are so

eager to use computers, smartphones (love mine), and self checkout.   It comes with a price.

Have you ever thought of what that price is?  The price of automation?

How many times do you actually need live 100% real human customer support when you have a problem?

Haven’t you ever tried to call a customer service number and only after yo

u have been tortured to go through all of

the prompts….maybe even push the the wrong selection to only have to hang up and try again?

In a day in age, where all of the gadgets that were featured in the icon cartoon “The Jetsons”, not in a million years would I ever expected to see a touch screen computer trying to sell what I call “the ease of use” of the non-professional haircolor that is found at local retailers.

The “system” in itself may actually have great information but there is one factor that the big haircolor companies are leaving in your hands…….the non-hair colorist consumer being able to truly judge their own natural haircolor level.

As I stood in front of this computer

screen, in utter disbelief, I turn to my friend and joked that the big companies should

have a second screen next to it…..

Being a professional corrective hair colorist for close to twenty years, I have first hand experience correcting hair color that did not come out as hoped.

It’s been quite some time since our blog has had a post

about haircolor.  Why?  Well, thank you for stopping by our blog to begin with, and the very first article was about the “why” behind choosing the “at home” hair color or seeking out a salon with a professional hair colorist.


One thing I can professionally share with you  that if you are someone that is interested in odds…….I would professionally recommend a salon than trying to guess what your own natural haircolor is, and hoping that “the box” is right.

Automated “formula advice giving machines” still cannot offer what the salon professional can.   I could not find a section that let you hang out, laugh, and share with your stylist the “goings on in your life”.

When it comes to technique a salon wins!

Did you know that both salons and the big color companies are grasping to get your attention and the fact is that the natural melanin (natural hair color level) only makes up 1% of your hair strand.

Yes, that’s right 1%. Everything else is moisture, protein, salt bonds, disulfide bonds, carbs and more.

Maybe you are not into science, however science is what hair color is about.

What is the price of automation?  Every service that we are prompted to do our selves by way of advertising, inventions, self-computerized advancements really essentially disconnects us to some extent.   Yet, we are convinced by “technology” that we are connected.  The more computers make our lives “easier” the less there is left to do for us humans.     Gee, isn’t that a chapter out of a sci-fi movie.

But hair color?  Maybe I should build my robotic prototype to ensure that I still have a place in my industry, in the future….. lol.

So ….all you will need is a “Flowbee” and a Corporate Automated Formulating Computer screen  to do your hair?   That’s sad.

Maybe technology will intergrade or upgrade the system to listen to a clients woes or celebrations?

Artificial Intelligence and Hair Color………what’s next?        Hologram Relationship?

Corporate Automated Formulating Advice
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