Ann Marie Walts

As an enthusiastic eclectic makeover artist, hairstylist, hair extension expert and professional photographer....Ann Marie Walts loves creativity! She enjoys helping others look and feel their best. She also loves technology, marketing, and creative writing.

Protecting Your Eyelash Extensions

Tips and Advice About Aftercare… Protecting eyelash extensions is very important to understand how and why to properly take care of them.   Are They “Lashes” Or Extensions?   It has been my professional experience that you can quickly forget that your are actual wearing extensions.    Extension for both eyelashes and or hair extensions require a little …

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Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong

Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong Poor eyelash extension applications are so uncomfortable and costly. It pains me as a professional lash artist to have to break the news to a client that they have to have their extensions removed or listen to their disappointment. The actual photos show some real but scary “before”  up close of …

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Leaves Are Changing…New Hair Color?

Leaves Are Changing…New Hair Color? The leaves are changing and when was the last time you had a new hair color? This fall I am mesmerized by the “how” the leaves change their color, and like kid in school, keep asking my 14 year old daughter if she knows? I always have loved science, and …

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Hair Color For Long Hair

Hair color for long hair takes time.  Corrective hair color for long hair needs to be done with care.  If  you are contemplating changing your hair color, it is important to work with a hair colorist that has a strong background in hair color. Maybe this is stating the obvious, however, the fact of the …

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Brides, Photographers & Hair Stylists

Brides, Photographers & Hair Stylists  Being a bride to be is such a magical and romantic time. So much planning has to begin now. Find a: Photographer Hairstylist Makeup Artist Wedding Gown Wedding Reception Venue It is never too early to start thinking about what you want to do to your hair. You want to …

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24/7 Online Appointments

Online Appointments No time to call? 24/7 Online Appointment booking available! Everyone is so busy these days, and we sometimes by the time we remember to call to book an appointment, it might be midnight.  Does that sound familiar? No worries. Book Online…Anytime This is why we want to let you know and or remind …

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Artificial Intelligence and Haircolor

Science Fiction is the invention of unrealistic ideas being tomorrow’s gadget, right? Well, as a professional haircolorist….I draw a line when technology is trying to automate such an artistic profession. True hair color formulation can be as artistic as a child playing with finger paints when they discover that if they mix a two colors …

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Why box haircolor is “bad” or is’nt it?

There are definitely different opinions on “box” at home haircolor, right? What causes haircolor mishaps, in general? In my professional opinion, over the counter haircolor does truly have its limitations.  The only time that I have seen that this option comes out with nice results maybe when the consumer is wearing a short style. The …

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Brides, Extensions for Hair and Eyelashes

Extensions, today, offer so many styling options.  The Loft Salon Studio, 2301 Westfield Street, in West Springfield Mass– utilizes three types of extensions.  413-734-6204 When it is your hair that needs to be extended, Great Lengths Hair extensions are what they have to offer.  Great Lengths Hair Extensions are 100% real human hair, and attached …

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He proposed and you said “Eye Do”

The moment finally came. He proposed. Whether it was just yesterday, 6 months ago I bet you probably remember every detail of your engagement. Now the fun begins. The smallest details will make your wedding day reflect your own personal style, taste and decor. Where do you even begin? Who will be in attendance? Do …

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