Ann Marie Walts

As an enthusiastic eclectic makeover artist, hairstylist, hair extension expert and professional photographer....Ann Marie Walts loves creativity! She enjoys helping others look and feel their best. She also loves technology, marketing, and creative writing.

Great Lengths crazy Hair colors-Ann Marie Walts

Pink Hair Extensions

Pink Hair Extensions Looking for Pink Hair Extensions for Breast Cancer Awareness?  I have the pink extension hair in stock. As the image show, not only does Great Lengths come in pink but just about every color in the rainbow.   The hair is color fast and will not run. The fun vibrant hair extension hair …

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NYC Photoshoot

Manicures & Photoshoots August 12, 2015 – Wednesday, I will be working/manicuring in NYC on a photoshoot with TV personality & Model ~ Fatima. It has been about 6 years that I have been involved with High Fashion shoots with   I provide the manicuring when I work on the shoots. Over the last 6 years, …

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