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Best Hair Extensions Worth Trip From Boston

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What is the definition of “the best”?

have been providing hair extensions for 13 years, and take providing this luxury service seriously.

The “best hair extensions” really are determined by what will best suit your lifestyle and your own hair.   I offer several types of applications, and only work with 100% real human hair.

I specialize in Great Lengths and the quality of the hair is excellent.


Do you have fine hair?

The beauty of the solutions that hair extensions can offer to you is fullness.

Great Lengths can be used to thicken just your sides or your entire head.

Maybe you are already happy with your length but just wished your hair could be thicker?  No problem.

I can match your length and your hair color.


Best Hair Extensions Worth Trip From Boston

The Loft Salon Studio, located at 2301 Westfield Street in West Springfield, Ma is only approximately  90 minutes from the heart of Boston. (85 miles)





Pictures Speak 1,000 WordsAnn-Marie-Walts-Makeover-Artist

The photographs on my site (and brochure), were taken by me.   I am a makeover artist, serious hair extensionist & published photographer.


How May I help YOU?

I care about your hair, and I am not afraid to share with you that “I am good at what I do.”

Here is my definitions of “the best”:

The best hair extensions  are the ones that begin with a extremely professional application and then properly cared for at home.

I offer both Great Lengths & Hotheads, and have been featured by Modern Salon Magazine for hair extensions.


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Thank you,

Ann Marie Walts


2301 Westfield Street

West Springfield, Mass 01089







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