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Real Hair Color Makeover Photos

by Ann Marie Walts

When you need FASTER RESULTS!

That is what I can design for you.  

1 FULL day can give you results that would take several trips to a "salon". 

Why should I choose you for your Hair Color Makeover?

Are you ready to give your hair some extra-special attention?

My unbeatable hair color makeover and pampering experience can help you achieve the look and feel you want -- in no time!

Don't wait any longer; let us provide you with a professional, personalized color experience today!



You will not be disappointed with what I have to offer you, because I was formerly a hair color educator. 

I taught across the U.S., and had to set up hair color workshops, for other salons, as well as, at hair shows!

Why do I need a consultation?

Getting a Hair Color Makeover or Color Correction is not your typical "....do you have time at 2 pm for a highlight" type of experience. 

It is necessary to meet for up to 60 minutes,Or up to 90 if you need to know about hair extensions,  to ensure that we are a good fit, expectations, and makeover costs are discussed beforehand. 

Then a makeover agreement is signed and your makeover date(s) are scheduled from there. 

Published Hair Color Techniques

J Beverly Hills Colour

Health Botanical Hair Color - Western Ma
Hair Color Salon Western Ma

J Beverly Hills Liquid Colour is the ultimate Ammonia and MEA Free hair colour gloss that makes your hair feel as good as it looks

J Beverly Hills’ new Colour Line was developed to be exquisite with top of the line tones, nourishing botanicals, and pigments that excel beyond perfection.

With pharmaceutical-grade pigments that measure 99.98% in purity, these pigments are the smallest and purest in the world (micro-molecular).

Our color line is the purest of them all so that you’ll be the fairest of them all.

Nourishes your hair

Strengthens your hair

Moisturizes your hair

Customized Color Formulation


Precise Color Matching

My site showcases many hair extension makeovers, that look very natural, and that is because of the attention to customizing precise matches.   (As shown in the photo shown.)

#1 Priority Health Of Your Hair

You will love how my hair color educational backgroud and backbone

is base on science.   This means that the health of your hair is my #1 priority, and if your hair is damaged, then we will work on that first.

You Get What You Pay For

  • Luxury Makeovers take time, and they are an investment.
    This is why your consultation is NECESSARY and so very important.   Clear communication and a good business relationship set both of us up for success.


  • ....Then matching or exceeding them, because I'm very serious about providing a level of service that matches your investment.

Hair Color Makeovers & Photography

Ann Marie Walts helps women, just like you, transform their medium to long hair into something completely different!

Corrective Hair Color Makeovers Are An Experience

1/2 day to Full Day Bookings are Recommended

Ann Marie Walts - Hair Color Expert / Published Colorist & Former Hair Color Educator



Do you do "Color Only" Makeovers?

Yes, for longer hair.

My studio specializes in makeovers.

And if you need or want to drastically change your hair color and get a makeover...then definitely contact me.

Blue & Fashion Hair Color...Yes!

Blonding...Hell Yes!

Color Trends...Yes!

You want a kick butt...After Photo...Hell Yes!

What if I don't like change?

Ah...yes, that can be difficult.

If you do not like change then I will save you, your time, and share with you that I will not be the right stylist for you. 

The studio makeover services are geared towards individuals that are looking for a pampering service 3 to 4 times a year.

Maintenance Related
Now if you decide to pamper yourself and get hair extensions, then we will absolutely be able to take care of your hair color maintenance.

If for unforeseen, scheduling conflicts we work with other professionals in the area and can refer you.

My studio uses nothing but the best!

JBeverly Hills is our "go-to" hair color line.  It is ultra-effective and extremely gentle. 

Yes, this is a very understandable question.   There are so many things to consider that is why pricing is only given at a consultation. 

Color Correction, Balayage, and Artistic Color 1/2 day Reservations start at $800
(You get a private appointment)

Hair Extension Packages: 
$2900 to $9999+*   (*For the year)

If you like to get pampered and are seeking an EXPERT, then you will like the "All-Inclusive" makeover personalized makeover package...that will be customized for you. 

It will be like a mini-vacation for you and your hair!

I only offer the best premium hair that is 100% real. 

  • Great Lengths
    • Fusion
    • Cold Fusion
    • Tape-in
  • Hotheads & hairtalk
    • Fusion
    • Tape-in
  • Clip-In's are custom ordered

Unfortunately, the answer will be NO.

My expert professional services are not offered that way. 

I only work with the brands that I carry. 

Your consultation will be 90 minutes.  

This is the first service appointment because we need to see you and your hair in person to determine what makeover solutions will be best for your hair. 

It is to be sure that your hair will be compatible with any chemical services that you may need to get, in addition, and before getting hair extensions. 

The consultation fee is $250 and is non-refundable, however it can be applied towards your package. 

We can assure you that it is worth your time and money. 


That is an excellent question, and thank you for asking.

We work best with clients that REALLY WANT CHANGE.

And if you do not, and like things done the same way all the time, then most likely we will not be the best fit for you. 

We work with:

  • College Students
  • Fun & Funky Personalities
  • Technology Lovers
  • Women that like to shop
  • Women that want to pamper themselves
  • Women business owners

You will be taken care of, privately, by Ann Marie Walts. 

You will get the studio to yourself because in 1999, she decided to focus on providing makeovers, and stopped double booking. 

We are closed on Saturdays, with the rare exception if there is an ultra special event. 

Our professional advice to you is to take a day off, put in for a personal day or vacation day at your place of employment. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Get Help For All Your Hair Problems!

You will get up to 90 minutes of  1 to 1 consulting. 
You are in for an "All-Inclusive" experience that is like a vacation for you, and your hair.
Stay Awhile and Leave Looking Fanstatic!

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