Tired of your Frizz & Curls?

If you are 100% certain that you dislike your natural texture, and wish your hair would be straight everyday then Japanese Hair Straightening just might be for you!

Japanese Hair Straightening is a PERMANENT Treatment

Touch Ups are only 2 times a year

Makes your hair manageable, frizz-free, silky & straight.

Will your hair be compatible for Straightening Or Smoothing?

Professional word of advice....  Please don't have your mind made up that you are ONLY going to want Japanese Straightening.

I have other options, too!

If you have previously done the following, then your hair may need one of my smoothing treatments:


Japanese Straightening is NOT COMPATIBLE IF:

  • You have bleached or highlighted your hair with bleach
  • You have previously straightened your hair with Sodium Hydroxide
  • Used Henna
  • Used Most Store Box Hair Color
  • Used Splat

Japanese Hair Straightening

Or Smoothing?

Get Straight Hair!

Consultation Necessary

What is Japanese Hair Straightening?

Are you 100% tired of your curly hair, and wish you never had to straighten it again?

Japanese Hair Straightening is the most permanent form of hair straightening.

This treatment is also referred to as "Thermal Reconditioning".

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What you need to know!

Be sure that you want straight hair!

Once you get this permanent option, you are committed to it.

You will have to grow it out or get a haircut if you decide that 6 months from now...you wish your hair was curly.

Smoothing Treatments can last up to 3 months, and may provide you different chemical compatibilies.

Either option will make your life easier!

Japanese Straightening by Ann Marie Walts

The exact pricing is at a consultation.
Starts at $999+

You are not a candidate to get Japanese Hair Straightening because the combination of chemical services could cause breakage. 

We need to see your hair in person, to assess the actual health of your hair. 

Japanese Hair Straightening is a safe, but strong chemical service, and it's important that you have your hair analyzed before just jumping into a service like this. 

You will only need to get this treatment approximately 2 times a year. 

The guideline is this:

Every 6 months or when there is 3 inches of new out growth "curly roots"

If you are questioning this now, then do not get this service. 

The ingredients and chemicals are not reversible.

Please do not book this service. 

Sodium Hydroxide which can be found in many cold wave "relaxers" are NOT compatible with Japanese Hair Straightening. 

Japanese Hair Straightening contains thioglycolate and when you combine that with sodium hydroxide your hair can break off. 


You cannot get Japanese Hair Straightening. 

The touch-ups are the same price as the original application, because of the amount of time that is needed to provide the service. 

*Same price as the application may be subject to change if the length of your hair does or prices increase. 

Just as with any of the makeover services that we offer, we suggest that you just simply have a full day or half-day for yourself...that you do not have any commitments. 

Your makeover is your commitment. 

We are about results, and not rushing you through. 

Yes, there is. 

With the purchase of the recommended and necessary products, my business will stand behind your service.   

You will need to purchase your products from The Loft Salon Studio because we can verify the authenticity of the professional products. 

And in short........Amazon doesn't care about you as much as I will, and do. 

Thank you for supporting my local business. 

Ann Marie Walts - Hair Extensions Massachusetts - Marketing

Get Help For All Your Hair Problems!

You will get up to 90 minutes of  1 to 1 consulting. 

You are in for an "All-Inclusive" experience that is like a vacation for you, and your hair.

Stay Awhile and Leave Looking Fanstatic!

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