Brides, Photographers & Hair Stylists

Brides, Photographers & Hair Stylists

 Being a bride to be is such a magical and romantic time. So much planning has to begin now.

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Wedding Gown
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It is never too early to start thinking about what you want to do to your hair. You want to ensure that your look will be “picture perfect”.

Getting ready for your wedding day is going to provide you with a lifetime of memories, and the less stress filled the better.

Your photographer is a hairstylist?

Can you imagine being able to find a professional wedding photographer that can capture the emotions of your big day, and make your hair look fabulous?

Finding a professional photographer and a hairstylist are among the most important items on your bridal list.

Hairstyling and photography can go “hand in hand:, when it come to making your “wedding look” be perfect.  Your photographs are going to be in your album for a very long time.

Both professional fields are extremely artistic, and so very important for your wedding day.

I am both.   A Professional Photographer & Professional Makeover Artist/Hairstylist.

I have shot weddings and have also been a “BTS” (Behind the scenes) photographer at Fashion Week.

The Loft Salon Studio, in West Springfield, Mass- knows exactly what is involved with capturing the emotions of your wedding, through photographs.  As well as providing bridal hairstyles that will complete your bridal look.

(In 1994~ Sewing : I made my entire bridal parties gowns, and mine)

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