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Hi. I'm Ann Marie Walts

"My utmost ultimate goal is to provide you the ABSOLUTE BEST EXPERIENCE from the time you land on any of my providing you enough educational information, to help you to make an educated decision about taking the next step....and that is to book with me.   

 Providing you an ultra EXCLUSIVE "All-Inclusive Luxury Experience" is what you can expect, and it is my professional/personal mission to HELP YOU achieve your goals with your appearance confidence, and even your business, too."

See It. Plan It. Do It.  ~ I have 30 years of experience and will help you "Get It Done!"


Ann Marie Walts - Owner

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Can hair extensions damage your hair?

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You will benefit from watching the various videos.  

I want to help SAVE YOU from making a very big financial MISTAKE that others before you have experienced, by shopping either "just by price" ...or simply choosing the wrong under-educated stylist.


Caution...Price Shoppers

If you are a "bargain shopper, deal hunter, and a coupon queen"...or NEVER had hair extensions before then......DON'T SHOP BY PRICE ALONE!

The most expensive hair extensions are caused by POOR APPLICATIONS, AND UNDER-EDUCATED STYLISTS.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Do hair extensions damage hair?

The answer is technically, "no".

Hair extensions do not jump out of their package, and just start racking havoc on your hair.

What can cause damage?
Poor applications and Poor Aftercare.

With hair extensions being so popular, some "stylists" (using that term loosely) are too cheap to get certified and think watching a YouTube video makes them qualified to do extensions.

What are the most expensive hair extensions?

The hair extension experience that you have to get redone!

How many companies do I hold certifications from? and Why?

Hair extensions are a LUXURY investment.... very much like flying FIRST CLASS.

But, too, you have to remember that you do not need hair extensions...they are a luxury "want."

It is not required to get certified, and not all stylists that provide hair extensions are. Still, you can confidently know that I have spent approximately $20,000+ on just my hair extension education certifications.

What companies am I certified by? 

  • Great Lengths
  • Balmain
  • Pure
  • SoCap
  • HairTalk
  • Hotheads

10 Minute - WATCH

Virgina gets treated like a model, and spends the entire day getting her makeover. This will be you very soon!

Great Lengths Comes From Italy!

How far did I go to learn about how hair extension hair is source, made and processed?

I went all the way to Nepi, Italy, and went the actual Great Lengths Hair Extension Factory!

The hair is first sourced in India, then it goes to Italy, and then it comes to the U.S.A......and then the last stop is to West Springfield.


"I was wearing hair extensions everyday, before..."

Jolene shares the how and why she chose to book with my salon, to provide her hair extension makeover, and why she loves her choice.

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You will get 60 minutes of  1 to 1 consulting. 
You are in for an "All-Inclusive" experience that is like a vacation for you, and your hair.
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