Sewn-in wefts versus fusion extensions

Sewn-In Wefts Versus Fusion Extensions

Sewn-in Weft Versus Fusion Extensions! Did you conduct thorough research and adopt a “Web MD” approach to inform your decision on hair extensions, ultimately opting for sewn-in wefts? But now, are you experiencing regret due to their bulkiness, discomfort, and the pain they are causing? I can help you, just like I did for the […]

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Sticky Situation…Eyelash Extension Corrections

Sticky Situation…Eyelash Extensions   Eyelash Extension Corrections?   Eyelash extensions have been gaining momentum for about 10 years now, but what is a bit unsettling is the need for “eyelash extension corrections”.   Are Eyelashes Safe? Normally, the answer this popular question is yes.     However, the answer is a BIG NO…when you get

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Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong

Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong Poor eyelash extension applications are so uncomfortable and costly. It pains me as a professional lash artist to have to break the news to a client that they have to have their extensions removed or listen to their disappointment. The actual photos show some real but scary “before”  up close of

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