Here Come The Unicorns – Silver Hair Color & More!

Unicorn Hair & Silver Hair….


Have you always chased unicorns?    Do you like your hair color to stand out?


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Just as the episode will provide you with some excellent tips, on how and what to expect; it is always best to have this type of trend hair color done professionally.

The professional lighteners, hair coloring chemicals and bleaches take a certain level of skill.

An even and controlled blonding application is the best way to achieve your look.

Be sure to watch my episode, to learn what you need to know about getting any of the latest trend colors.






Colorfast & Thickening

If you are the least bit concerned about your fashion tone(s) fading, then you will definitely need to get hair extensions.

A little bit…goes a long way!

The beauty of considering a small number of extensions is that it is a great way to try them out!    You get twice the benefit of both hair color and having your hair be thicker!       That is a win/ win!

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I will customize your Loft Experience very soon.

Thank you for your time ~ Ann Marie Walts



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