Your very PRIVATE consultaton is waitng for you!

There are several potential benefits to paying for a hair extension makeover consultation, as opposed to a free consultation:

  1. Expertise: A paid consultation with a hair extension specialist/Expert such as Ann Marie will provide you with access to more specialized knowledge and expertise.

    This can be especially valuable if you are seeking advice or guidance on a specific issue or problem related to hair extensions.

    For example: Maybe you are recovering from Chemotherapy and need expert advice with an ultra-private enviroment? or Have the need to have a private environment, in general?

    (Ann Marie Walts has 30 years of experience, with 17 years of them providing hair extensions!  See Portfoilo)

2. Personalized attention: During your paid consultation, you can ask specific questions and receive personalized attention from Ann Marie Walts...while you are the ONLY client in the studio, at all times...... This can be helpful if you are seeking customized advice or guidance that is tailored to your specific needs or situation.

In 1999, Ann Marie stopped booking 2 clients at time, which is the "norm" for the hairdressing industry. She wanted to FOCUS on her clients, and FOCUS ON PROVIDING CONSISTENT RESULTS.

3.Professional perspective: A paid consultation can provide you with a professional perspective on your hair extension needs or concerns.  This can be especially valuable if you are looking for an objective point of view or if you are seeking advice from an expert who has experience dealing with similar situations.

(See Reviews & Testimonials from other clients before you)

4. Problem-solving: At your paid consultation Ann Marie can help you identify and solve any problems or challenges related to your hair extensions, hair color, hair smoothing needs more effectively.

Ann Marie will provide you with insights, strategies, exact pricing, different options, and/or resources that can help you overcome any issues you may be currently facing.

5. Time-saving: Your paid consultation experience will  be a time-efficient way to get the advice or guidance you need related to your hair extensions and makeover needs.

Instead of spending your valuable time and effort researching and trying to solve a problem on your own, you will get expert advice and guidance in a single session.



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You and your hair are unique.   Your hair is the first thing people see, and your look helps to communicate much about you. 


Elaborate on this benefit. Make sure it sounds enticing enough to convert visitors.


It's important that you understand all of the costs of your services.   You will be provided with how much it will cost you to create and maintain your new look...UP FRONT!

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