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Continued Education

Sometimes I am asked if I have to go to continued education?   My licensing does not require it, but our passion for our industry and love of hair….does.

If you want nothing but the best products for your hair, then you will simply fall in love with JBeverly Hills Products and hair coloring line.

Over the next few months, we will be going to a series of classes.   The benefit of buying your professional haircare from me, is that I can provide you specific recommendations based on your hair type.

When it comes to styling products we recognize that you may have certain preferences, and can work with you to set you up on a hair care regimen that makes styling your hair easy.


JBeverly Hills Hair Color


JBeverly Hills Hair Color is made right in Beverly Hills, California!      They use nothing but the finest ingredients that will leave your hair so very healthy. 

You will find that the shampoos and styling products are very concentrated and last a long time, too.

Your hair is our canvas.   If you are concerned about finding a hair colorist and hair color line that will help you attain your makeover goals, then you will want to book a consultation with us.

Makeovers & Photography

When you have a great hair day, you will tend to feel great.   We believe that a makeover, also, begins with a great haircut!   As much as we provide hair extensions, we are just as grounded in education for providing a great haircut!

Makeovers & Professional photography are my specialties.

So, whether you want to book a personal “selfie” shoot, professional headshot or need event photography, we can make you look great before you “smile for the camera”.

Stay Tuned!

Frequent our site’s blog on a regular basis to stay up to date with what is happening at the salon.

Call us at 413-734-6204  or contact us through our site with any questions that you may have.

Thank you for reading!

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