Customizing Hair Color & Hair Extensions

Customizing Your Hair Color & Hair Extensions!

Corona use to mean you needed a lime…




Now, it might mean that you are wanting to run to the salon to get your hair colored because you have been locked down.




Is your hair color messed up?




Did you grab a box of at-home hair color, because you thought that coloring your hair was easy?



Fix at home hair color - Hair Color Western Ma

Well, I have to share that I after talking with a new client that I think I fully understand part of the problem with why coloring your hair might look easy!      I asked one guest if they thought that the color on the box, was what and how their own hair was going to come out?

There answer was, “yes”.

Wow!………and there it was, and it simply does not work that way, but it certainly help me to understand the “why” behind trying to do it yourself.



Customizing hair color, and correcting color requires a certain level of professional knowledge.   There is much more to coloring hair then just grabbing a tube or a box, and hoping that it comes out the way you want it too.

It’s really not your fault, too, if you have thought that trying to do it yourself was easy, because T.V. commercials target you. 


The Box said….”It would just wash out”


It said…. “It did not contain ammonia”

“I’m not sure why I have roots, because it said it wasn’t permanent color?”

Working with a Haircolorist and why it’s worth it!

I can personally share with you that I was a former hair color educator and taught color all over the country.     

I learned:

  • How to create/formulate and customize original color formulas
  • How to use different professional strength chemicals
  • How to determine what your natural hair’s undertones are
  • How to create beautiful blondes
  • How to safely lighten up overly darkened hair
  • How to interpret your “layman” language to be able to work with you to help you achieve what you are looking for
  • And more!
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