Divorce And Your Hair

Life has its own agenda, and sometimes how we think things ‘would of, could of or should be’ just do not go as planned.

Over the last few years, I have several women who were going through the divorce process, reach out to me to make a changed to their hair.

Divorce is not a topic that I have gone through first hand, however I have helped a good friend prior.  As it is not the same, I have a glimpse of the challenges.  In her case, she was blind sided by her husband through a text.   Next she had asked me to give her a ride to the lawyers.   I thought I was going to have to wait in the waiting room?  However, what happened next….I was not prepared for and my friend asked that I go “inside the office” with her.

Time stopped that day.   It seemed like everything was going in slow motion.   Her my friend sat there, and a lawyer was going through their “routine consultation”, and my friend’s life was about to change.

The thoughts that kept going through my mind were many.   How could this happen, and after 20 years?  This cannot be real.  Is this really real?

As we entered the lawyers office, the lawyer introduced themselves and address myself first; to ask if I was getting divorced?

That in itself was a bit awkward, in the fact that I had not expected to go “inside” to my friends appointment, but there I was…married but experienced first hand a “divorce consultation”.

Hair Is Emotional

In particular, over the last couple of years; I have several women that have reached out to my salon to make improvements or a change to their hair because they were getting a divorce.   The most common thread amongst the ladies that I have worked with is that they wanted to either “do something for themselves” or needed a new look/makeover.

How we feel about our hair is a very personal.

Life changes are emotional.

I am not an expert on divorce, but I am an expert when it comes to makeovers and my business offers private appointments.  

If you find that you need to change your hair, need a private pampering environment and want to feel good about your hair again, please give me a call.

Hair is emotional.  I am not a therapist…..I am good for a laugh ( if you like twisted humor), but I certainly can do wonders with your hair.

Warm Regards,

Ann Marie Walts






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