Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Do hair extensions damage your hair? 

The very short answer is “no”, and you will not want to miss out on watching my video to learn more.

Tip:  Ask to see the stylists’ certificate that will be providing you this luxury service.      You deserve to get what you are paying for. 

Did you know?

  • If you are seeking out a specifically Great Lengths Hair Extensions, that one certification certificate does not cover  a whole entire salon?
  • Tip- Be sure to ask to see the actual certificate.
  • Why?  Great Lengths policy is that which ever stylist is going to be providing their brand of hair extensions, has gone through the educational training(s).  Their trainings are non-transferable.

Do salons have to be certified to provide extensions, in general? 

In general……no.

Currently, there are no extra state regulations mandating that our industry have to obtain extra certifications in this area.

I professionally feel that if would benefit you the consumer if there were certification requirements.


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