Expectations Of Service Experience & Your Beauty Goals

Mission Statement Regarding Expectations


My mission is to provide to you

an experience with very consistent results, that are backed by the best products and education.


Who will take care of you?……me, Ann Marie.


From start to finish, you get to experience a private appointment.


~Ann Marie Walts – Owner/ Loft Salon Studio

Thank you for your business.


Expectations Of Service Experience & Your Beauty Goals

First of all,  I want to personally thank you that you are interested in the services that I have to offer.


Experiences are based on expectations.

I will always strive to build a strong business relationship with you that you can feel that you can personally reach out to me and my business with your needs. When you choose to do business with The Loft Salon Studio then I – Ann Marie Walts will be personally taking care of you from start to finish.

If you are seeking CONSISTENCY for your end results & experience(s), then you will best benefit by pre-booking your treatment appointments in regular intervals throughout the year.  

I will always continually educate you on the “how to” of:

  • Styling your hair
  • After care of services
  • Help you set realistic expectations for your services
  • Achieve your end results

Your experience and expectations are extremely important to me and my business.  Here at The Loft Salon Studio my business model is to provide undivided attention, private appointments with an ongoing focus on communication and “attention to details.”

Communication is so very important to be able to consistently meet or exceed your expectations.

You can expect your appointment(s) being about your beauty needs and goals.

Trends change, and maybe your tastes changes, too, from time to time.

Consultations & Goals

Has anyone every asked you, “What are your hair or beauty goals?”

The “why” the consultation appointment experience is so important and the necessary first appointment is because it is important that we discuss your goals, pricing and expectations.  This is gone over first.


Consultation Experience:

Everyone learns and communicates differently.

What type of communicator are you?


Are you better communicating with pictures, verbal or talking with your hands?

At your consultation I will strive to best “listen” to you and your needs through providing you:

  •  1 hour of dedicated time
  • Invite you to bring in photos & ideas on your phone or in print
  • Interactively brainstorm for finding the best corrective solution(s)
  • Going over your expectations and ours
  • Provide expert beauty advice
  • Provide you up front pricing prior to you scheduling for the services.
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