Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong

Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong

Poor eyelash extension applications are so uncomfortable and costly.

It pains me as a professional lash artist to have to break the news to a client that they have to have their extensions removed or listen to their disappointment.

The actual photos show some real but scary “before”  up close of what a “poor application” looks like.



The Story… Double Disappointment

My new guest was very new to getting lash extensions, and it was time for her to get a “re-lash” which is also called a “lash-fill”.

She had explained that she was on vacation out of the area, and was super excited about trying this service for the very first time.



Working On Others “Work”

Upon a visually inspection and taking the “before” photos, I had to let her down very gently about two things……

First was the fact that I would not be able to give her a “re-lash” and the other was that her lash extensions had to COME OFF!

As I have been certified since 2007, it has been extremely rare that I am able to “fill” someone else’s work.



The Correction


Her poorly applied lash extensions were gently and professionally removed.   Next, I designed a 3d Full Set.

What is 3d?    I made customized hand made fans.

Va-Va Voom is what my client chose.


Choose Wisely & Safely

Not all “lash stylists”, I say that loosely….are educated or certified.

Professionally, I sought out the extra education with Xtreme Lashes to seek separate certifications.



Tweezers, Glue & Your Eyes

Once a trend hits the “main stream” many times everyone want to get their hands on either providing the service or receiving the service, however it is important to be mindful that if such a complicated and detailed service is too cheap or your are not expected  to get a consultation first…….then I would suggest looking for business that reflects that this is a service that they do specialize in and not simply offer.


Need a correction or a beautiful set of eyelash extensions.


Thank you for your time,

Ann Marie Walts








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