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Eyelash Extensions by Ann Marie Walts

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by Ann Marie Walts

Eyelash Extensons come in different curl styles.

Your "lash look" can be stylized.

You can look refreshed and awake, when you wake up in the morning!


Attention-Grabbing Results!
Ultra-Mega Volume ($450)


Eyelash Extensions will add immediate length to your natural lashes.


Tip! - One of the most common benefits that clients have shared with me is that they don't have to put makeup on every day, anymore!  Such a time saver.

Eyelash Extensions by Certified Lash Stylist Ann Marie Walts

Eyelash Extensions are fun, and a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that needs to be done safely.

If you are brand new to wanting to get eyelash extensions, then you are in the right place, because I've been certified since 2007.

It's highly recommended that you shop for experience first and price second.

Word of caution... If the price is so cheap, then you have to question what and why?

When you work with me, your safety is put first, and with 15 years of experience...you get what you pay for.

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Why Get Eyelash Extensions?

If you work hard, you definitely need to be sure that you schedule your "self-care" into your life.

Eyelash extensions have multiple benefits that can save you time, boost your confidence, and enhance your beautiful eye color.

What can eyelash extensions do?

Similar to what hair extensions can do for your hair, so can eyelash extensions.

You can get eyelash extensions to:

  • Thicken your own natural lashes
  • Add instant length
  • Add both Thickness & Length

You will find that my work ranges from $349+ for the initial application.

The price includes the consultation and all options to make your extensions look fabulous!

I only offer the best premium brands that are well known in the beauty industry. 

  • Xtreme Lashes
  • Bella Lash

Unfortunately, we can only offer maintenance services to you, if you had your original full set done by Ann Marie Walts. 

*We do offer a complimentary removal (Valued at $100), and you are welcome to book a full set!

We would love to work with you. 

Thank you for asking. 

Ann Marie Walts extension fees are aligned with the amount of expertise and certifications that she holds. 

She's been certified since 2007.

She stands behind her eyelash extension work, and she specializes in extensions. 

Her certifications include:

  • Featured Lash Stylist of the Month 2011
  • Advanced Certified for Color & Design by Xtreme Lashes
  • Advanced Certified for Volumation by Xtreme Lashes
  • Advanced Certified by Bella Lash

If your eyes are constantly itchy, sensitive and water easily then it is not advised to get eyelash extensions. 

For Classic Application:

It is professionally recommended, that if you are wearing the Classic Application that to keep your look fresh, then you will need to come in every 2 to 2.5 weeks.

Anything longer than (3 weeks).. 21 days, after your previous treatment will require an upcharge for extra time, and or you will need a brand new set.

For Volume  & Ultra Volume Technique:

For Volume, you will find that this look is extremely "fluffy" and is a bit more of a "Glam Look".

You can get fills 1x a month*, and with the *Professional recommendation of a new set every 3 to 4 months. 

Fill prices range from $100 to $135 for either application process



Unfortunately, the answer is no. 

The eyelash extensions need to adhere to natural lash hair. 

First of all, that would be ultra disappointing for both of us. 

The first thing to do is to contact Ann Marie, and we will be happy to set you up with a one-time courtesy checkup, to see what challenge you seem to be having. 

In the event, that they simply do not fit your lifestyle, we are happy to provide you will a complimentary removal. 

*Please note that All Sales Are Final.

Our ultimate goal is the same as yours, and that is that you enjoy your experience and your service. 

Unfortunately, the answer is no. 

The eyelash extensions need to adhere to natural lash hair. 

  • Your first appointment will be the longest.
  • You should plan on up to 2.5 to 3.5 hours and it includes your consultation before your application.

    We ask that you plan for 3.5 hours, but if your natural lash hair density (quantity) of natural lash hair is lacking, then your actual session may be less than 3.5 hours. 

    Please note that my studio charges for a look and a service.  

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