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Eyelash Extensions

Imagine leaving your stress behind with each of your eyelash extension treatment sessions.   Ahhhh.

You’ll get to go “offline” while you listen to very soothing music, and most likely you may even drift off to sleep..or close to it.   The warmth of the treatment table will have you feeling all cozy.



Let your Lash addiction begin!

The Russian Volume technique is an Advanced technique.

What is so fabulous about this look is that we are able to apply MULTIPLE very lightweight extensions, safely, to 1 natural lash hair.

Video Tips – Lash Extensions from Ann Marie Walts – Artist on Vimeo.

How will my extensions be applied? 

Your lash extensions are a synthetic replication of a lash.

You will be laying down very comfortably on a treatment table.

Very soothing undereye gel patches will be placed under each of your eyes.   Next, your natural lash hair will be cleansed & primed.

The extensions are applied to ONE INDIVIDUAL NATURAL LASH HAIR at a time with a professional-grade adhesive.

Actual Lashes & Photos by Ann Walts


Truly applied to only ONE NATURAL LASH at a time!!

Why do nail salons offer such cheap prices for extensions? 


It is ILLEGAL according to the State Board of Cosmetology of Massachusetts for this service to be done by a “nails only” salon.

SAFETY TIP #1 – CHOOSE EXPERIENCE…because this is a “semi-permanent cosmetic” procedure.  


Featured By Xtreme Lashes 

Xtreme Lashes Ann Marie Walts

Award – Recognized by Xtreme Lashes as their “Lash Stylist of the Month for 2011”


  • Advanced Certified – Russian Volume
  • Advanced Certified – Classic Lashes
  • Advanced Certified – Color & Creative Design
  • Advanced Certified by both Xtreme Lashes &  Bella Lashes

Why do prices vary amongst salons? 

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If you are confused by why prices vary amongst salons, then you are not alone.

Your eyesight is very important to protect.

The first thing you will want to ensure is that whomever you choose to make your lashes longer…knows what they are doing.

You will get what you pay for when you work with me.  ~ Ann Marie Walts

You will find that the eyelash extension come in a variety of different curls, thicknesses, and colors!.

What if I have allergies?

Unfortunately, you will not be a suitable candidate for eyelash extensions.

Allergies can affect the longevity of your extensions, and there are possibilities that your eyes will be too sensitive to receive this service.

What if I want a fill because I am already wearing lashes? 

Unfortunately, we will do not offer Relash/ Fill services if you are coming from another salon.

We can offer a complimentary removal, and then you would need to purchase a full set.

*Not all products are compatible, and we can only stand behind our own work.



What if I have gaps or do not have any lash hair? 

Unfortunately, then you are not a suitable candidate to get eyelash extensions.

Lash Extensions have to be attached to lash hair, and are not applied to your skin.


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