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The Art Of A Makeover by Ann Marie Walts

Welcome, welcome....I'm so glad to e-meet you, right now.

What will make your makeover experience different at my studio?

Typically you would have to go to several artists to get to experience a head-to-toe makeover.  And if you want the most dramatic change to your hair then most likely you would have to get hair extensions.

My Unique Point Of Difference -  My Studio Hosts Only You
As a very seasoned Makeover Artist, that holds as many certifications as I do, you will find that you can experience being able to get everything you need to be done in the same place.

And my very unique "point of difference" that I can offer to you is that I hold as many certifications that usually an entire salon staff would.

Since 2001 - Photographing My Own Work

Long Before A Smartphone

Many years ago, I was very much inspired by a hairstyle article that I had read.

It was about a hairstylist that provided makeovers and then photographed their work.   

Boom!   Bam!    Yes!!!   

It was at that moment that I knew that was what I wanted to do the same, and photograph my makeovers.


Example Shown:

This client had a combination of makeover services.   Her makeover consisted of:

  • Hair Color
  • Great Lengths Hair Extensions
  • Haircutting Services to blend in the hair extensions
  • Personal Photoshoot


So, you want to get hair extensions?


AND NOW WHEN YOU FASTFORWARD TO TODAY....you will find that if you are looking to get hair extensions, then you will be able to feel confident that "what you see, is what you can expect, for results!"

Hair Extensions will absolutely transform the way your feel about your hair!

Your hair extension makeover will look seamless, natural, and beautiful because the very first in-depth service appointment is your very detailed, private 1 to 1 consultation.

Your Complete Look....FROM your makeup, fixing your frizzy hair, to making your eyelashes longer......I have you covered. 

Hi. I'm Ann Marie Walts

"I'm an Artist/ Business Owner/ Entrepreneur and Blogger that truly enjoys helping others through education, motivation, and inspiration.  My life's work includes helping people like you look fantastic in real life, and online.  I help people tap into their own confidence, and talents that are meant to be shared with the world.
...From Makeovers, Motivation to Marketing"

Ann Marie Walts - Hair Extensions Massachusetts - Marketing

Ann Marie Walts