Hair Extension Corrections

Get What You Pay For – Hair Extensions


It is understandable that you may be
"researching" when is comes to making a big decision about getting hair extensions.

I imagine you may be trying to decide the following:

Where should I go to get my extensions done?

What type of extensions do I want or need?

How much will they be?

"Where should I go to get my extensions done?"



Let me talk to you a moment about this question.

If the purpose of a website is to convince you to do business with a business, then if would probably be odd for me to talk directly to you in this post, but I have a reason for doing so, and will.

WHY Choose me/ Loft Salon Studio?    

  •  You will consult with me ("the owner"
  • You will get your service with me ("the owner")
  • You will not EVER get double booked.

You will get truly personalized service from ONE PERSON and not experience multiple salon staff working on you.




If a salon is promoting Great Lengths, that ONE CERTIFICATE DOES NOT COVER the WHOLE only covers the stylist that attended the Great Lengths training.

Meaning, if I did have an "assistant" working with me; and they "started" or providing your extensions to you, and were not certified that Great Lengths could ultimately pull my salon's certification.     Great Lengths frowns on and does not permit the attending stylist or salon owner, to go back to work and train others.

Why do I share this?

You should get what you pay for.

You work hard for you money,  and I am proud to be certified by Great Lengths 3 times.

Unfortunately, I have had to fix/correct hair extensions from other salons & stylists.

WATCH VIDEO     "You are getting what you are paying for".....Anna's words; not mine.


Deciding to get hair extensions costs money.    As I had written, in a previous post......"the most expensive hair extensions are the ones not done right".

What type of hair extensions are right for you?


I offer a variety of applications that are tied to what you may need for your lifestyle.

Clip- Ins :  Great for everyday use

Tape Extensions : Great step up from clip ins, and ideal for wearing for 6 weeks.

Fusion Extensions:  Ultimate customization for style options, colors & lasts for up to 4 to 5 months

The "How Much" ???

The answer for this question, is not as straightforward as you may expect or want.   This is because I have so many options, and need to see your hair because I will need to match or change your hair's:

  • Natural Hair Color
  • Density
  • Length
  • Determine if you will need multiple colors
  • Determine if you are a candidate for hair extensions.



What to expect & Why Consultation?


Consultation & Communication are the key to ensuring your get RESULTS!

You can expect to learn just about all you will need to know about your hair extension service & experience.

  • Get pricing
  • Knowledge about the difference amongst applications
  • See a demo of application (if necessary)
  • Be involved in the design process


My business went ALL THE WAY to ITALY's Great Lengths Factory!!!




I would love the opportunity to work with you, and help you to absolutely love your experience & your extensions.



Ann Marie Walts