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Hair Color Education – Offering The Best Hair Color Services

The best way for me to offer to you the best hair color services is for me to continue to attend hair color education.

I am super excited today, to be attending a hair color class.  The brand of color is J Beverly Hills and I am a bit curious about what they have to offer.

Corrective Hair Color by Ann Marie Walts
Published Hair Color Technique by Ann Marie Walts

Coloring hair and color-correcting hair for me is one of my expertise and I am never afraid to try or look into new things.   Technologies are always changing.

I was so extremely brand loyal when I was educating for Redken, however when I did switch lines; I found that the hair color industry offers so many, many fun & fantastic products.

Fast forward now; you will find that I still work with the best lines for you and your hair.    My main goal is to work with the “right tool for the right job”

How I “see” hair color or view it is very much like hues and shades of paint.   I really strongly feel that it is my job to customize just the right shade(s) of hair color for you.

That specialized & customizing of hair color is the big “WHY” you should get your hair colored in the salon, versus doing it yourself.     You will and should have choices.

Over the next couple of summers, I am trying to decide what educational avenue that I will return to.   I miss being an educator and will be going back to it very soon.

Chasing Down The New:


If there is some new hair trend, hair color service or beauty service “out there” then you can count on me track it down to offer it.

If you want a stylist that is dedicated and enthusiastic to provide to you with gorgeous hair, then you will definitely want to schedule a consultation.

Thank you,

Ann Marie Walts
Hair Extensions/Makeovers & Photography

As an enthusiastic eclectic makeover artist, hairstylist, hair extension expert and professional photographer….Ann Marie Walts loves creativity! She enjoys helping others look and feel their best. She also loves technology, marketing, and creative writing.

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