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Others before you have left their hair extensions reviews, and my photographs are REAL!

....YOU CAN CONFIDENTLY KNOW that I will ENSURE that you LOVE your hair!

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I am an EXPERT in my field. 

I care about providing an extremely private atmosphere because it's important to me that you get what you pay for. 

I'm certified by 6 companies, and hair extensions are what I do!


YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY about whether you will get results!

I HAVE 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE and have been providing extensions since 2006. 


Hair extensions themselves will not cause damage to your own natural hair.

When you get an expertly applied hair extension application by a certified licensed professional, and you properly take care of them, then you can enjoy wearing hair extensions, very safely.

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Yes, absolutely!   It is 100% real human hair.

Yes, you can. 

However, it is very important that you dry your keratin bonds. 

Be sure to wear your hair in a braid or a lose ponytail. 

*If you are going to be in a constant damp environment, then this may effect or shorten the length of longevity of the range of 3 to 5 months...if you are wearing fusion extensions. 

Your own natural hair needs to be at least 4 to 5 inches long to add believable length. 

If you have a pixie, then you will need to wait about 6 to 8 months before getting hair extensions....sorry. 


We only work with the brands that we carry. 

Yes, absolutely. 

As long as it is professionally done with a trained & certified hairstylist that has experience working with hair extensions. 

The price will vary because of the application, the amount of time and the method being used. 

In my studio, you will need to have a consultation to get the exact pricing. 

Clip-in hair extensions start at $300 and up

Fusion & Cold Fusion
$500 to $1700+ for Color Effects & Thickening

Adding Length & Corrective Specialty Work
Starting at $2000 to $8000+

Tape Extensions
$800 to $1500+ per experience

Annual basis:
*Most clients typically spend approximately $8,000 to $15,000 a year to maintain their hair with my business. 

I have options that can last 1.5 months to up to 5 months. 

And of course, if you want to make a plan and commit to 1 year or more with maintenance, then you can safely wear your hair repeatedly. 

*Removal is an additional service.

Yes.   The manufacturer's that we work with recommend wearing your extensions up to 5 months, and not longer, if you are wearing keratin fusion extensions. 

Tape-in hair extensions will need to come out within 6 to 8 weeks. 

My studio recommends 6 weeks. 

*New starting price as of 2022 for 1 time Tape Applications start at $1600+

  Due to the rising costs of tape extension supplies, my business has opted to only focus on Keratin Fusion and Cold Fusion Extensions. 

The short answer is not anymore unless you are a Bride, and only want to wear your hair once.




No.  It is not recommended because you will put too much stress on your hair. 

You will need to wear a low ponytail, if you are getting tape extensions.

Technically the answer is "yes", however, all hair extensions will shed some. 

My studio recommends tape extensions as a ONE TIME "try me" type of introduction to wear hair extensions if you are used to wearing clip-ins. 

My business does not offer "re-tapping".



Thank you for wanting to know.   

I've been certified since 2006, and have invested approximately $20,000 in my hair extensions education, and that does not include my Cosmetologist license.

I went to Italy, and went to the Great Lengths Factory. 


  • Great Lengths
    • Thermal Fusion
    • Cold Fusion
    • Tape-In
  • Balmain
    • Double Hair
    • Fusion
  • SoCAp
    • Fusion
  • HairTalk
    • Tape In
    • Seamless Sewn In
  • Hotheads
    • Tape In
  • Pure Hair Extensions
    • Micro-Links


I will be able to provide to you, your haircut, hair color, keratin smoothing treatments, and everything you need to make your hair extensions look fabulous!


Hair extensions do need to be attached to natural hair.

However, hair extensions can be used to camouflage a small area.

The extensions can be added above the hairloss area, to help cover if up. 

You will have to wait until you are done with chemo, and about 6 months after you are finished with treatment. 

Your own natural hair will need to be a minimum of 3.5 inches to add volume, but not length. 

For length you will need 4 to 5 inches, to add substantial length.  



Fusion hair extensions keratin bonds need to be dried after each time they get wet. 

It might be too much maintenance for you.  

We can always do some test strands. 


I accept all major credit cards.

Yes, absolutely, and it is necessary to brush your hair and extensions 2 to 3 times a day to ensure your hair does not tangle. 

This is an important step for maintenance.

The length of time can vary depending on your application, how thick your hair is, and whether you need other services to complete your look. 

The makeovers on my site have ranged from 6 to 40 hours of work. 

Simply plan of having some time blocked off for yourself that you don't have other commitments that need your attention. 

Yes.  All extensions will shed some, just like your own hair does.


It is normal to lose some extensions.  

My studio does not offer "fill" in services or replace tape extensions. 

I will be sure to train you on how to take care of them properly. 

*All chemical services need to be provided by The Loft Salon Studio when you get your hair extensions done by Ann Marie Walts.

It is not recommended, because oils will break down the keratin bonds.

It is not recommended because medicated dandruff shampoos are not compatible with keratin bonded hair extensions.

Unfortunately, then the answer is most likely no. 

The reason why is you would need enough hair to cover the bonds. 

You are always welcome to text a photo to 413-734-6204


First of all, it's always great to plan ahead.  

You will need to consider what you may need for your hair, to make it look fabulous. 

In my experience, with working with brides, it's best to allow yourself a window of at least 3 to 4 months before your wedding to take care of whether you need hair color, hair smoothing or any corrective services. 

Once that is determined, at a consultation, and all is all planned out then it is recommended that you get your extensions about 2.5 weeks before your event. 

This allows you time to get used to wearing the added hair, and also makes sure that your hair looks very new and fresh!

Absolutely, and this is a great option.  

You can have more hair added to match your length and your color.  

In fact, you can even add it to add "color", and have your hair look as if it were highlighted. 

Yes, because your own natural hair will be protected by the extensions. 

And as long as you follow the aftercare instructions, then you enjoy what hair extensions will do for you!

This is professionally not recommended because you can damage your own hair in attempting to do so. 

Professional removal is just as important as a professional installation. 

No, because that method can be very damaging to your hair. 

You will be better off simply getting a fresh set with my studio, and then I can provide you maintenance. 

Unfortunately, I don't offer "re-tapping" is you are not an established client.

You will need to book a consultation. 

If your hair is straight to slightly wavy then with this scenario you may be a great fit for Tape-In hair extensions. 

They can last 1.5 months. 

That would be a sad day for both of us because All Sales Are Final. 

The removal fee starts at $130 per hour. 

If you have any reservations going into getting hair extensions, then my professional advice is not to get them. 

Great Lengths!

High-quality hair extension hair will be Remy.  Remy will have the entire cuticle intact, and all going in the same direction. 

Great Lengths hair originates in India from the Temples and is traceable.  It is ethically sourced. 

It then goes to Italy, where it is processed, and then shipped to the U.S.

Finally, it travels to my salon, and then becomes yours!

No!   I'm extremely fussy about making your bonds virtually undetectable, and the keratin bonds are color matched to your hair color. 

This will make them blend in. 


Yes!   You will have more styling options than before, and your hair will have way more body!

Yes.  It will be necessary for you to purchase the professionally recommended professional products to protect your investment. 

With your purchase, my studio is happy to fully stand behind its work. 

My manufacturer's lengths range from 8inches to 26inches. 

Thank you for asking.  

You will be taken care of by me, personally for all of your hair needs.

Ann Marie Walts
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