Since 2006...I've been specializing in Hair Extensions!

Whether you are brand new to wanting to get hair extensions, you can be reassured that when you choose me as your HAIR EXTENSION EXPERT...that I will help you solve your hair problems.

I will THOROUGHLY consult with you, to help you absolutely LOVE your hair!



I SPECIALIZE in HELPING people solve their hair problems by designing full-service hair extension makeovers.

Not all applications are suitable for all hair types, and it's crucial that both your hair & lifestyle are a good fit!





Hair Extensions Are Very Versatile!

  1. FOR INSTANT LENGTH! One of the most common uses of hair extensions is to add length to your natural hair. This is especially useful for when you are tired of your  short hair , and want to achieve a longer INSTANTLY.
  2. Volume- ADD THICKESS!  Hair extensions can also add volume and thickness to your thin or fine hair. This is particularly useful when you have naturally thin hair or if you have experienced hair thinning due to age, Covid or medical conditions.
  3. Style experimentation: Hair extensions allow for experimentation with different styles without making a permanent commitment. You can try different colors, lengths, and textures of hair extensions to see what looks best on you.
  4. Protective styling: Wearing hair extensions can protect your natural hair from damage caused by heat styling, harsh weather conditions, and other environmental factors. This is particularly useful for individuals with fragile or damaged hair.



Hair Extensions Near Me

How Thermal Fusion Extensions Are Attached

YES! Keratin Fusion Extensions

Now, you're talking!

Keratin Fusion are for you, if you are seriously want the BEST HAIR EXTENSION OPTION!


This is the BEST option for your money!

  • Can last up to 5 Months
  • Offers the Maximum Amount of Customization
  • Perfect for Fine Hair
  • Lightweight
  • Wear your hair up
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How Tape Hair Extensions Are Attached.

Tape Extensions

Tape Extensions require much more maintenance than Fusion Hair Extensions.

Tape Extensions are a basic option if you are only wanting long hair for about 5 weeks.



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How Cold Fusion Extensions Are Attached

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

There is so much information out there on the internet about hair extensions, and it can be confusing.

Some methods try saying that other hair extension methods are bad.....and I have multiple solutions that will not damage your hair.


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