Why do you need hair extensions?

Why do you need hair extensions?*

HAIR EXTENSIONS Massachusetts by Ann Marie Walts

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Hair Extensions can help you have thicker hair, and a more confidence!

Loft Salon Studio's Hair Extension Process

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The Loft Salon Studio specializes in hair extensions, in Massachusetts. I only use the highest quality hair extensions.

I feel confident when I say that hair extensions can change your confidence level.  (Specializing in hair extensions changed my life as a hairstylist because I can offer to you limitless options for your hair!)

For some clients, they have been close to life-changing.   When you feel good about the way you look, and you're able to confidently.

They will undoubtedly help you feel good about the way you look!


After Chemo:

I can help you achieve a look you’ve been dreaming of, help with hair restoration after hair loss or chemo treatment for cancer survivors, make thinning hair look fuller and healthier.

You will need to have 3.5 inches minimum to add volume.


Life-Changing & Confidence Boosting

Hair extensions can change your confidence level in some pretty significant ways.

How you feel about your hair is an integral part of your self-identity.


Why get hair extensions?

Maybe you have a milestone life event. Things happen in life where you want to feel every special or perhaps a little prettier because you feel like you need a "pick me up."

The Loft Salon Studio is your on-demand concierge for all things hair.

I can take care of your haircuts, hair color, keratin smoothing treatments, Japanese Straightening, and eyelash extensions.

I know how much goes into achieving the hair look you’ve been wanting but have been struggling to get, and I can help you get the results you are looking for.



When you are looking for an Expert Hair Extensionist, in Massachusetts, then you can feel confident in having your first or next set of hair extensions be designed by Ann Marie.

The Loft Salon Studio uses only the best hair extensions hair, and hair extension applications. 



  • Great Lengths Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Thermal Fusion
  • Cold Fusion
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Smoothing
  • Hair Straightening
  • Haircutting
  • Photography
  • Marketing


Don’t hestiate to ask us something. Email us directly info@theloftsalonstudio.com or call/text us at 1-413-734-6204. Should you leave a voicemail, please allow up to 24 hours for a response or on the next business day.
When it is possible, we strive to respond within 8 hours or less to text or email.  


You will find that we have a lot of content on our site, and as our website is the best place to get most of your hair questions answered 24/7...we understand that it's great to actually speak with someone.

Feel free to give Ann Marie a call.

Please note that she takes care of her entire business herself, and wants to personally be the one to answer what questions you may have.

For General Questions please visit our FAQ's page. 

Again, feel free to call!

She wants you to love your hair, and fix your hair problems!



TEXT US AT 413-734-6204

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