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Hair Extensions Western Ma

Ahh..Say, Yes! To Hair Extensions.

You wear your hair every day.
Hair Extensions can give you immediate satisfaction, and gratification. 

Do you wish your hair was thicker?  Get Hair Extensions!

Do you wish your hair was longer? Get Hair Extensions

Do you have a Milestone Celebration?  Get Hair Extensions

Need a reason to get hair extensions?  None Required!

Can hair extensions damage my hair

Do you have FINE HAIR and are looking for the SAFEST option?

KERATIN FUSION is 100% the best choice.

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Customizable
  • No-Tension

What is "Micro-bonding", and is it good for fine hair?

Thermal Fusion and Cold Fusion Hair Extensions will give you the most customization for your money.

As shown in the video, you get a "behind the scenes" look, at the preparation that goes into getting your hair extensions ready.

The reason "why" the extensions are customized like this, is to ensure that your hair extensions are lightweight, and are comfortable.   It's important that the density of the extensions matches the density of your hair.

This process of ultra-customization is what is a factor in the price of your luxury service. And you will find that Micro-bonding is what will make your extension bonds virtually undetectable.


Limitless Color Combinations!
There are over 60+ shades to choose from, however when you have micro-bonded extensions, then the sky is the limit.

Take a look at my actual hair extension photos!


Hair Extensions from Coast To Coast

100% Real Human Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Massachusetts Experience by Ann Marie Walts

Listen To This!

Where do hair extensions come from?

The "Go-To" Brands that I use, are 100% Real Human Premium Hair.

When it comes to Great Lengths Hair Extensions, the hair is sourced from the Temples in India.

Then it travels to Nepi, Italy.  That is where it is pristinely processed.

Then the hair extension hair travels her to the U.S.A.
Then finally to The Loft Salon Studio, in West Springfield Ma.

Best Hair Extension Salon Near Me

How much experience do you have?

Yay!  I get so very excited about helping women like you, love their hair again!

When it comes to hair extensions, I have been certified since 2006!  And by multiple companies.

Went To Italy
So, how far would you go to see if something was "the best"?

My curiosity took me all the way to Italy, and I went the the Great Lengths Factory.  It was simply amazing!

Get Help For All Your Hair Problems!

You will get 1 1/2 hours of  1 to 1 consulting. 
You are in for an "All-Inclusive" experience that is like a vacation for you, and your hair.
Stay Awhile and Leave Looking Fanstatic!

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