Haircolor. Ten years Younger????

Finding the right haircolor can be hard to do, on your own.
Have you ever stood in the haircolor aisle looking at all of the boxes of haircolor?

It is the advertising that makes that $7.00 box of color look so appealing.
The grocery store haircolor companies are investing lots, and lots of money into enticing the consumer into taking their own haircolor into their own hands.
Some of the companies have even included highlightening tools and combs.
They make it look easy, however the outcome may not look like it does on the box, and then what???

The benefits to having your haircolor professional done are many.
The most advantageous reason is working with a Redken Certified Colorist is that they are train specifically in color and color formulation.
Everyone has their own unique style, eyecolor and skintone. All of which is taken in consideration during a haircolor consultation. Makeovers can be just a slight change or to the extreme.




The right shade selection of haircolor is an art and skill.
It can literally shave years off someone’s look. If you think that the grocery store aisle has a lot of choices, you should see what a salon has to offer.

Many salons are beginning to store their professional haircolor out in plain sight.
Redken believe’s in making the colorist’s and clients’ color experience very interactive.
You can use salon locator to find redken salon’s.
You can also use www.redkencolor.comto find Redken Color salon’s and Redken Certified Colorists

WWW.REDKENCOLOR.COMis a great resource of tips and information.

It is great when you can actually see before and after photography of what the salon of your choice, is offering.

Photographs speak a 1,000 words…and sometimes more.

So, from looking Sleek, sophisticated or wanting to look “Ten Years Younger” working with a professional color line and a professional Certified Redken Colorist you are guaranteed to look great!

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