Haircut Makeovers with Hair Extensions

Not all haircuts are created equal.

Do you have "haircut regret"?

Did your haircut not come out the way you hoped?

Haircut Makeovers may cost more, however the results are worth it.

Hair Extensions Massachusetts - Makeovers Near Me

Haircut Makeover - Hair Extensions added to correct a bad haircut.

"Transform Your Style with a Stunning Haircut Makeover: Unlock Your Best Look Today!"

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Haircut Makeovers

Here is why I don't agree with anyone that thinks... "a haircut is just a haircut"

If you have every experienced getting getting a bad haircut, then I don't have to tell you how that leaves you to feel, do I?

It's understandable that it may be difficult for your to communicate to a hairstylist exactly what it is you are wanting when getting a haircut, and this is where I can make the process extremely easy for you.

I specialize in MAKEOVERS, and your haircut can literally make-you-over!   

Haircut Makeovers with Pampering Scalp Massage

A haircut is not "just a haircut" when you come to my makeover studio.

If you have ever experienced a Bad Haircut or need a new to get settle in with a stylist that is "new to you"....then rest assured that I will help you to feel comfortable.

You get to experience a private 1 to 1 environment, as you lay back in my Italian sink, where you fully recline...while my chair massages your back.

....and you don't have to drive to NYC or Boston.

Do ever feel frustrated when you try to style your haircut after you leave the salon? 

As a hairstylist, of course I can always blow our your haircut, and have it look absolutely fabulous.


Do you ever struggle styling you hair when you get home???

You are not alone, and I will spend the extra time with you to help you love your hair!

Your haircut makeover experience, can last longer than just your salon visit, and you can feel more confident with what I can teach you!



Fix Your Frizz!

Do you ever dread humid days, or is your hair simply frizzy all of the time? 


If you do not correct your texture, then you are limiting yourself to what hairstyles you can where.

I have several Smoothing to Straightening options, that can help you get control of your frizzy hair, unwanted wavy hair/ curly hair.

  • Agave Oil Smoothing
  • Cezzane Keratin Treatment
  • Japanese Straightening

What You Can Expect!


I will personally coach you on how to:

  • Consultation - Takes up to 60 minutes
  • Shampoo with 5 Minute Deep Conditioning Scalp Massage
  • Haircut/ Design
  • Blowdry & Finish
  • Receive Styling Instructions on "how to" replicate your "salon finish".
  • Consult with you the help you know how to better style your hair
  • Consult with you to educate you on the various options to correct your frizzy hair.
  • Consult with you on what is the best hair color for your skin tone, eye color and personality

If you have previously had a poor experience, then you will need to and really benefit from my specialized & detailed consultation process. 

I offer a variety of techniques and take your own hair texture into consideration when providing you professional hair cutting services.

Get Your Bad Haircut Fixed!

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