Haircut Makeovers with Pampering Scalp Massage

A haircut is not "just a haircut" when you come to my makeover studio.

If you have ever experienced a Bad Haircut or need a new to get settle in with a stylist that is "new to you"....then rest assured that I will help you to feel comfortable.

 You get to experience a private 1 to 1 environment, as you lay back in my Italian sink, where you fully recline...while my chair massages your back.

....and you don't have to drive to NYC or Boston.

I fix bad haircuts.

Not all haircuts are created equal.

Do you have "haircut regret"?

Did your haircut not come out the way you hoped?

Haircut Makeovers may cost more, however the results are worth it.

Hair Extensions Massachusetts - Makeovers Near Me

Haircut Makeover - Hair Extensions added to correct a bad haircut.

Does your haircut need a makeover?

Haircut Makeovers

Here is why I don't agree with anyone that thinks... "a haircut is just a haircut"

If you have every experienced getting getting a bad haircut, then I don't have to tell you how that leaves you to feel, do I?

It's understandable that it may be difficult for your to communicate to a hairstylist exactly what it is you are wanting when getting a haircut, and this is where I can make the process extremely easy for you.

I specialize in MAKEOVERS, and your haircut can literally make-you-over!   

Is your texture limiting your options?

As a hairstylist, of course I can always blow our your haircut, and have it look absolutely fabulous.

However, let's talk about when you try styling your new haircut for the first time?

If you have found that you love your hair when you leave the salon, but then when you wash it, your hair's wavy texture or even frizz returns.......and now you are frustrated because that beautiful haircut you so desperately wanted....just doesn't look as good?


Does this sound familiar?    Allow me to take away any and all of your frustrations about your hair!

Well, when you approach my business, and wonder why I required a consultation for even a haircut, it is because I want your hair to look its absolute best.   As well as for your to be able to duplicate a "salon finish" at home with ease. 

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Regain Your Confidence!

Is your current haircut an absolute disaster?

Are you agonizing about your hair right now, because your most current haircut did not go right?

How do "bad haircuts" happen?
Unfortunately, it can stem from poor communication with the salon, not understanding what you wanted, or a lack of experience with the service provider. 

Isn't a "haircut just a haircut"!
In my professional opinion, and with my level of experience my answer is........NO.

What is a "haircut makeover"?
I can transform how you feel about your haircut, make it easier for you to style your hair, and fix your bad haircut with hair extensions

Get Help Today! Allow up to 2 hours.

Take a look at all that you will receive! Only $250

I will personally coach you on how to:

  • Consultation - Takes up to 60 minutes
  • Shampoo with 5 Minute Deep Conditioning Scalp Massage
  • Haircut/ Design
  • Blowdry & Finish
  • Receive Styling Instructions on "how to" replicate your "salon finish".
  • Consult with you the help you know how to better style your hair
  • Consult with you to educate you on the various options to correct your frizzy hair.
  • Consult with you on what is the best hair color for your skin tone, eye color and personality

If you have previously had a poor experience, then you will need to and really benefit from my specialized & detailed consultation process. 

I offer a variety of techniques and take your own hair texture into consideration when providing you professional hair cutting services.

Get Your Bad Haircut Fixed!

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Yes, this is a very understandable question.   There are so many things to consider that is why pricing is only given at a consultation. 

We have options that start at $1700 and have gone up to $8,999+

If you like to get pampered, and are seeking an EXPERT then you will like the "All-Inclusive" makeover personalized makeover package...that will be customized for you. 

It will be like a mini-vacation for you and your hair!

Haircut/ Hair Design Makeover Experiences:

As a new client, yes, you will need to book a consultation. 

The reason why is that you are new to me, and the consultation is so important that it is the first service appointment. 

Haircut Designs with Styling Start at $125 to $150.

At your consultation, you will be introduced to what all of your options are, for your hair.   Consultations range from $125 to $300

Because my business specializes in makeovers, it benefits you to know that you can achieve what you haven't been able to before. 

You may find out that you could benefit from fixing your frizz, or what would it take to add more hair with extensions because your haircut is so messed up. 

Who my services are NOT for:
If you are NOT open to or interested in a "makeover" type of experience and feel that a haircut is "just" a haircut. 
Or if you are not truly open to wanting expert advice. 

Or you think that a "trim" should be less money than a "haircut". 

I only offer the best premium hair that is 100% real. 

  • Great Lengths
    • Fusion
    • Cold Fusion
    • Tape-in
  • Hotheads & hairtalk
    • Fusion
    • Tape-in
  • Clip-In's are custom ordered

Unfortunately, the answer will be NO.

My expert professional services are not offered that way. 

I only work with the brands that I carry. 

Your consultation will be 60 minutes.  

This is the first service appointment because we need to see you and your hair in person to determine what makeover solutions will be best for your hair. 

It is to be sure that your hair will be compatible with any chemical services that you may need to get, in addition, and before getting hair extensions. 

The Makeover consultation fee is $125 and is non-refundable. 

Makeover & Marketing Combination Consultations are $300

*If you are not willing to go through the consultation process, then unfortunately our services will not be available for you. 

We can assure you that it is worth your time and money. 

That is an excellent question, and thank you for asking.

We work best with clients that REALLY WANT CHANGE.

And if you do not, and like things done the same way all the time, then most likely we will not be the best fit for you. 

We work with:

  • College Students
  • Fun & Funky Personalities
  • Technology Lovers
  • Women that like to shop
  • Women that want to pamper themselves
  • Women business owners

You will be taken care of, privately, by Ann Marie Walts. 

You will get the studio to yourself because in 1999, she decided to focus on providing makeovers, and stopped double booking. 

Then I am going to be very frank with you, I will not be the right professional for you. 

I only offer quality, and nothing I OFFER is cheap. 

My quotes are FIRM, and I won't work with HAGGLERS. 


Actual Client's Makeover was published

Get Help For All Your Hair Problems!

You will get 60 minutes of  1 to 1 consulting. 
You are in for an "All-Inclusive" experience that is like a vacation for you, and your hair.
Stay Awhile and Leave Looking Fanstatic!

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