He proposed and you said “Eye Do”

The moment finally came.
He proposed.
Whether it was just yesterday, 6 months ago I bet you probably remember every detail of your engagement.
Now the fun begins.

The smallest details will make your wedding day reflect your own personal style, taste and decor.
Where do you even begin?
Who will be in attendance?
Do you want a big wedding or something more on the private side?
To think all he has to do is put on a tux! ( and maybe go play golf or maybe go water-skiing)

Planning today’s weddings are a bit easier, due to the fact that the internet is such a valuable resorce of information.
Maybe you really would like to have a wedding planner take care of all of your details?
Where can you find a wedding planner?
The internet.How about where will you–the bride to be and your groom escape on your honeymoon?
Making a list is a great place to start when it comes to planning your wedding.
Research and locate upcoming bridal expos, in your area.
Bridal expos are a great place to meet all sort of merchants and vendors that will offer you, the bride, everything and detail to make your wedding day perfect.

Once all of the major wedding plans are in place, some serious thought should put on how you will and want to look on your perfect wedding day.
What will you do with your hair?
Begin to look in magazines for various styles that will portray your unique style.
Are you classic, modern,traditional?

Nowadays, the options that brides have are limitless….and I mean limitless!!!If normally, you do not use professional quality hair products; this is a good time to start.
Healthy hair equals very shiney, beautiful, bridal hair!<p> Have a hair analysis done to find out what your specific hair type needs.
With limitless hair options time is not a problem anymore should you perfect wedding day be in only a couple of months, and your hair is not long enough. Great Lengths Hair Extensions are a fabulous, immediate option to achieving beautiful, bridal hair. Great Length Hair Extensions are 100% human hair extensions, and can last up to 5 months.
Perfect makeup,photography, hair, nails, shoes, gowns, flowers, vacation and attendants….what is a bride to do?

Do love mascara, and makeup?
Let’s flash forward….it’s your perfect wedding day and you are at the church.
You are getting out of the limo, and your heart is beating very fast.
You have been waiting, and waiting for this day to come.
The music starts to play and now it is your time to shine, as the picture perfect bride.
Emotions run high and there may be a chance of “tears of joy”….what about that mascara you chose? Is it or will it be waterproof enough??
No room for the littlest detail to stress you out.

Let’s come back to the present moment, and look into you “limitless styling options”.
Limitless styling options no longer just pertain to what hair style you have your heart set on, as the bride.
You know have the option to have your eyelashes styled.
Yes, your eyelashes.Eyelash Extensions are extremely glamorous, as well as very practical.

Extensions are a bridal must-have.
No bride wants anything to stress her out.
When you have your eyelash extensions you can be rest assured that your mascara will not run, on your picture perfect wedding day.
Why and How?
Once you have your full set of Xtreme Eyelash extensions beautifully customized for you….you will love that fact you will not have to wear any mascara, on your wedding day.
How great will that be?
Not to mention, you full set of Xtreme Eyelash extension will make your natural eyelashes look thicker, fuller, longer and extremely glamorous.All eyes will be on you, and as they should be.

After all, you did all of the planning.He asked. You said, “yes”, and next you will say, ‘EYE DO!”

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