Get A Hair Extension Makeover...Like A Celebrity!


How Hair Extensions Are Attached.

Tape Extensions

Tape Extensions require much more maintenance than Fusion Hair Extensions.

Tape Extensions are a basic option if you are only wanting long hair for about 5 weeks.



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YES! Keratin Fusion Extensions

Now, you're talking!

Keratin Fusion are for you, if you are seriously want the BEST HAIR EXTENSION OPTION!

I can do more for your and your hair dreams with Keratin Fusion, than any other option.

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Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

There is so much information out there on the internet about hair extensions, and it can be confusing.

Some methods try saying that other hair extension methods are bad.....and I have multiple solutions that will not damage your hair.


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Understanding More About Hair Extensions


There was a time, about a decade ago, that I had asked a former hair extension educator if she was ever concerned about running out of hair extension clients?

Her answer was, "No, because there will always be women who want to change their hair from short to long, or wished that there was thicker".

And I bet, you too, fall into one of these categories.

The beauty of attaching hair extensions as your extensionist is that I will ensure that you are an excellent candidate at your consultation.

Why Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions?

The #1 reason for you and your hair will be the VERSATILITY!

Strand by Strand Fusion is ultra-lightweight, and is truly the best option out of all of the applications available, today.