"How Much Are Hair Extensions?"....Let's Connect!

Get A Hair Extension Makeover...Like A Celebrity!

Ann Marie is dedicated, attentive and an expert at what she does. I highly recommend reaching out to her for a hair transformation.

Thank you, Ann Marie, for giving me my confidence back. What you have done for me in invaluable.
~ Kasia P.

Hair Extensions and Keratin Treatments

Our Luxury All-Inclusive Hair Extension Makeover & Headshot Experience will make you feel great and will get you compliments on your hair.

I use the latest technologies to give you beautiful, healthy hair, and the huge benefit of a boost in your confidence!

My company is the only business that offers this service, in the way it's offered, and I am the best at what I do.

Why can I state this? Because I will ensure that I understand your needs, consult with you, and truly take the time to get to know you.

My customers love this ultra-customize experience because we make them look and feel their best!

(And I'm personally, and professionally certified in EVERYTHING on my website...EVERYTHING)

Enjoy these amazing benefits

More Confidence!

You will feel confident about your hair because it is a part of who you are!
Just like your eyes and your nose, your hair is unique to you.
And that is something to be excited about!


You can feel confident in your decision about booking a consultation with my business if you are serious about wanting to experience something different.

You will receive a detailed and customized consultation from me that is personalized to your specific needs, and will be provided an exact price for your makeover package.

More Compliments!

Can you imagine the last time when some random stranger said to you, "Hey, I simply love your hair!", and how great that felt?    My slogan is.... "Stay Awhile and Leave Feeling & Looking Fastic" 

Correct Frizz & Correct Your Haircolor

You can achieve any hair color you want without damaging your hair!

And I can help tame your frizzy hair, too, with an Agave Smoothing Treatment or a Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment.

Private Appointments & Styling Coaching

  • You are guaranteed to be the only guest in my studio, at one time.
  • I stopped double booking in 1999
  • I've dedicated my career to education and educating my clients...on the "how-to" about the "how-to"

Smile!  Professional Photography

A great headshot can be a powerful tool. It can help you attract the right kind of attention, whether you're looking for a new job or clients for your business.

I offer professional headshot photography services that will help you put your best foot forward.

What people say about doing business with me!

A wonderful experience.

She goes over everything with you thoroughly beforehand so you know what to expect. I had keratin infusion bonds and then blend perfectly.

Kristen V.


I cannot recommend Ann Marie more.

I am a year out from chemo and my hair was an unruly, untamable, curly mullet of a mess that I was still hiding under a wig.

Ann Marie was upfront about my best options for hair extensions, even though they weren’t what I had my heart set on.  But she had a vision for my hair transformation the second I took my wig off and I trusted her instinct.

And boy, did she deliver!

Kasia P.

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