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How To Blond Hair Tips – As Seen on Mass Appeal

How to achieve blond hair,  and maintaining blond hair can be an easy experience, when you seek out a professional color expert.

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As shared on the my “How To Blonding Tips” episode, you can learn how to get your hair blond, and how to keep your hair blond.

Ombre’, Sombre’ and Balayage are technique based hair color trends.

Unfortunately, some advertising tries to make what salon professionals can provide to you easy, to try to “do it yourself”.


Realistic Expectations

Ombre’, Sombre’ & Balayage


Lauren Zenzie, Mass Appeal Host, brought up a very good point during our segment.    Your hair color expectations need to be realistic!

This is not a “quick” or “in & out” service.

If you are wanting the “Instagram” or “Pinterest” kinds of blond hair or balayage, and your own hair color is very dark, then you will need to have more than one salon appointment.      That is actually holds, for the most part, true for even lighter shades.



“Why” more than ONE visit…..

There are different scenarios that will affect how soon it will be that you can realistically  achieve your dream hair goal(s).

  • Is your hair previously colored?

This can greatly affect your hair color makeover process.

When we have to lighten hair that has already been colored, that really falls under the category of “corrective hair color”.

More than likely, you will need to pre-book a series of hair color appointments, and expect to make an investment into achieving your goal.

  • How far is your natural hair color away from the shade(s) of blond that you are wanting?


  • Is your natural hair texture?
    • Fine
    • Medium
    • Coarse


Your natural hair texture can affect how easily or not so easily your hair will lift.


Best Tip:

It is best to schedule a hair color consultation, and even if you have to pay for the time of a salon; to do so.    If you invest the time, with a hair color expert, they can best guide you and design for you a look that you will simply love.


Corrective-Haircolor-for-BlondesAnn Marie Walts-Manicurist-Hair-Photographer







Blonding Trends

As the blonding trend is so hot right now, you have to remember that the health & integrity of your hair…..needs to come first.    My salon carries nothing but the best high quality hair color products.

Many of these trends require the use of bleach.   Today’s bleaches are not the bleaches of your mother’s day, by any means.

Also, if you would like a “chemical free hair color experience”, then you can always opt for blonde hair extensions, for your hair color design.  (I am personally, wearing hair extensions, to achieve the palest shades of hair color; while I am working towards my own hair goals)


Best Hair Color Salon Near MeTo Learn More…………..Watch My Mass Appeal Episode.



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