How To Fix Sparse Eyebrows

Eyebrow Trends


In the past year, or so, eyebrows “styles” have been trending.    Have you tried Googled “eyebrow trends”?  

So, what do you do if you find that your own natural brows just are not as thick as you like?


Causes For Sparse Eyebrows


There are many reasons that can cause sparse brows:

  • Over plucking can lead to permanent hair loss
  • Being waxed to thin
  • Medication
  • Hair loss can just happen as we age



How can you fix your eyebrows?

Eyebrow extensions were used in the actual photo shown in this post.

Eyebrow extensions are individually applied extensions that replicate the look of natural hair.
The advantage of getting eyebrow extensions are that they can replace the hair that you may have lost or need to create the illusion of a real eyebrow!



Eyebrow extensions can be used to fix, create or thicken your brows.   They are applied with a special adhesive that can be applied to the skin or to your existing brow hair.

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