How To Make Bridal Accessories

How To Make Bridal Accessories!

Creating Bridal accessories has never been easier………well, of course; if someone shows you how.     I love the art of creativity. If you live in this immediate area, then you will want to check out the following stores:

  • Michael’s Arts & Crafts
  • Joanne Fabics
  • Osgood Textiles

  Veils can cost a pretty penny, but you can really make a head piece with a little bit of imagination, customization, and at the same time….you can save some money.

More Than Bridal Hair!!

In 1994, I made all of my gowns for my entire bridal party and my own wedding gown.   I also, customized my shoes with matching lace and all of the bows for the pews.

Now add bridal hairstyling,makeup,lashes,professional photography to the mix, and I seriously can take care of you from head to toe!



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