Initial Visit & Lash Extension Pricing

Your First Eyelash Extension Visit


If we have not met yet, I am sure that you may have plenty of questions.


Please Find The Most Useful Information:

What you can expect if you hire me as your eyelash extensionist is that I take pride in my work.

As well as it is not simply a service listed on a “salon menu” as an offering but it is luxury service that I specialize in.

How Much Are Eyelash Extensions?


All of the eyelash extension work that I offer is extremely customized.


Your first initial application: $450


The first appointment will last 90 minutes to 3 hours.


Prices reflect my level of experience since 2007

How Long Do They Last?


The beauty about getting eyelash extensions is that they can last indefinitely with regular maintenance.

This is referred to “Re-Lash” or “Lash Extension Fill”

Maintenance is required 2 to 3 weeks.

50% of your extensions need to be in tact


Am I a candidate for eyelash extensions?


Most people are.

  • You need to have natural eyelash hair
  • You want to stop wearing mascara
  • You would like to look refreshed in the morning


When you cannot get extensions:

  • Suffer from “dry eye” that requires lubricating drops
  • You pull on your own lashes
  • Extremely HEAVY EYELIDS  (if your eye area would  benefit from surgery)
  • You suffer from eye infections
  • Suffer from severe allergies

What if I am already wearing them from another salon?


Thank you for showing interest.

However, not all lash stylists provide their extensions in the same manner.

I do not offer maintenance for eyelash extension work done somewhere else.

In my experience, I have found that trying to do so….simply does not work.



How Much Is Maintenance?


Your maintenance costs will vary depending on the frequency and type of application.


$155 to $370 per month


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