Makeup & Headshot Photography Winner- Victoria!

Makeup & Headshot Winner- Victoria!

It is always fun to get a makeover, and especially when you win one!

September’s contest happened on my Salon’s Facebook page, and took place at my photography studio – Ann Marie Walts Photography 

How much fun is it to have you makeup done!

Victoria and I had a blast.    She is a new Mommy, and Henry is only about a month or so old!


Personalized Photo Shoot

The unique experience I have to offer is called “The Loft Experience” 

Be sure to check out what that is…… because you are bound to have a blast when it is your turn to get a makeover!    


Are you a new Mommy?

If you are then you will not want to miss on a chance to pamper yourself and learn some tips…..


Thank you for reading!

Ann Marie Walts


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