Need A New Haircut?

Not all haircuts are created equal. 

Just the right haircut can make you feel fabulous.

You can never go wrong with a stylish, yet classic bob.     And the beauty of not having to limit yourself with your hair type, density, or texture because you can truly have all of your hair needs can be fixed!

If you think a “haircut is just a haircut….”, then maybe you have not yet experienced a real makeover…

Hair by Ann Marie Walts


Cheap, Quick, and What Went Wrong?…

My professional guess-timation  is there was a lack of communication between you and the stylist.

This sometimes can happen because maybe you assumed that because they were “the professional” then they “should know what they are doing”?    It’s not your fault.

It is somewhat understandable that when you are looking to get a haircut, that you may or may not choose a salon based on just price.


Look For Experience….It’s your appearance. 


Did you know that there is quite a bit of anatomy involved in designing your haircut?

Yes, there is!    And
I get all excited about educating my clients on how to maintain, style and handle their hair.






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