Pedicures in West Springfield



Experience and ULTRA-PRIVATE appointment.  You will be the only client in the entire studio!

Your Private Appointment

Getting a pedicure can be so ultra relaxing.  

If you are looking to escape and treat yourself to some downtime, and get away from your busy life, then you’ll love our private environment.

Our spa pedicure will leave your feet all smooth and soft.    We will take care of your calluses, clean up your cuticles, and help you pick out the perfect shade of nail polish.



Reducing your stress!

When you are tense and stressed out it is good to get a foot massage!   You’ll leave with an immaculate nail polish job, too!    You can use our online booking 24/7 to find the time that works for you.

Check out our photos of manicures

Our pedicures range between 45 to 90 minutes.



A perfect french manicure or a set of Minx Nails are a great way to accesorize your nails!

Be sure to check out our nail video about Get Your Chrome On.

Rap Artist – Eve

Manicure by Ann Walts

Maggie Grace

Manicure by Ann Walts

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