Quality Control Policy

Consistent Results Matter!!!

I feel so strongly about offer results, that if you don't feel like you will be able to commit to having my studio offer all of your services to you then..........LET'S not work together.


Too Many Cooks In A Kitchen....

Keep it simple and PROTECT your investment.

The Loft Salon Studio's  quality control policy is this:

Maintenance Of Your Look & Services

Hair Extensions and Chemical Services are an investment.
The Loft Salon Studio's Quality Control Policy states:

Once you engage our services for your extensions, and or chemical services, for the duration of you wearing hair extensions that are provided by The Loft Salon Studio, it will be necessary that Ann Marie Walts will be the sole service provider, for your salon services.

Not all salon professionals are certified, and or experienced in providing services to clients that wear hair extensions.

The Loft Salon Studio/ Ann Marie Walts has 30 years of experience and has been certified by 6 different hair extension companies since 2006.

Quality control is crucial to protecting your investment, and if you salon hop then understand that ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

We will reserve the right to refuse service, in the event of you take your chances and then your choice to go elsewhere affects your hair extension makeover service(s).



Ann Marie Walts - Owner
All of the services on this website are my individual CERTIFICATIONS

My commitment to results.

You may think that it would be a given that if you are considering spending $1,500 to $8,999+ that there wouldn't be a need for such a policy.

And yet...there is.

My Level of Expertise AND Commitment to offer you RESULTS:

I have 30 years of experience and have been designing with Great Lengths hair extensions since 2006.

Please know, UP FRONT, I cannot offer my services to you if you have the need to go to multiple places to get hair services.

Or after you get hair extensions services by me, and go somewhere else that I you will be forfeiting any aftercare appointments, when you have your hair cut or chemically treated somewhere.

Why?   It's simply my QUALITY CONTROL POLICY. 

I and my business feel that strongly about providing you with consistent and reliable results.

Then there's a thing called "common sense".

If you are going to spend on upwards to $1,000's of dollars on hair extensions then it is professionally recommended, and my policy that you don't take chances with your investment.

And I and share with you this, that after doing hair for 30 years... I have heard it all.

Like, "Well other salons this or other salons that..."

The Loft Salon Studio and what I have to offer to you is not "the other salon" experience.

The policy is not personal.   It's business.


14 Day Removal Policy

In the event that your extensions do not fit your lifestyle, then my studio is happy to offer you a COMPLIMENTARY Removal.

Yes, this is a very understandable question.   There are so many things to consider that is why pricing is only given at a consultation. 

We have options that start at $1700 and have gone up to $8,999+

If you like to get pampered, and are seeking an EXPERT then you will like the "All-Inclusive" makeover personalized makeover package...that will be customized for you. 

It will be like a mini-vacation for you and your hair!

Haircut/ Hair Design Makeover Experiences:

As a new client, yes, you will need to book a consultation. 

The reason why is that you are new to me, and the consultation is so important that it is the first service appointment. 

Haircut Designs with Styling Start at $125 to $150.

At your consultation, you will be introduced to what all of your options are, for your hair.   Consultations range from $125 to $300

Because my business specializes in makeovers, it benefits you to know that you can achieve what you haven't been able to before. 

You may find out that you could benefit from fixing your frizz, or what would it take to add more hair with extensions because your haircut is so messed up. 

Who my services are NOT for:
If you are NOT open to or interested in a "makeover" type of experience and feel that a haircut is "just" a haircut. 
Or if you are not truly open to wanting expert advice. 

Or you think that a "trim" should be less money than a "haircut". 

I only offer the best premium hair that is 100% real. 

  • Great Lengths
    • Fusion
    • Cold Fusion
    • Tape-in
  • Hotheads & hairtalk
    • Fusion
    • Tape-in
  • Clip-In's are custom ordered

Unfortunately, the answer will be NO.

My expert professional services are not offered that way. 

I only work with the brands that I carry. 

Your consultation will be 60 minutes.  

This is the first service appointment because we need to see you and your hair in person to determine what makeover solutions will be best for your hair. 

It is to be sure that your hair will be compatible with any chemical services that you may need to get, in addition, and before getting hair extensions. 

The Makeover consultation fee is $125 and is non-refundable. 

Makeover & Marketing Combination Consultations are $300

*If you are not willing to go through the consultation process, then unfortunately our services will not be available for you. 

We can assure you that it is worth your time and money. 

That is an excellent question, and thank you for asking.

We work best with clients that REALLY WANT CHANGE.

And if you do not, and like things done the same way all the time, then most likely we will not be the best fit for you. 

We work with:

  • College Students
  • Fun & Funky Personalities
  • Technology Lovers
  • Women that like to shop
  • Women that want to pamper themselves
  • Women business owners

You will be taken care of, privately, by Ann Marie Walts. 

You will get the studio to yourself because in 1999, she decided to focus on providing makeovers, and stopped double booking. 

Then I am going to be very frank with you, I will not be the right professional for you. 

I only offer quality, and nothing I OFFER is cheap. 

My quotes are FIRM, and I won't work with HAGGLERS. 


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