Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

What is “Old” is the “New” way…

Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon
Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

My own professional journey into the industry to become a hairstylist began when I went to hairdressing school in 1992.    It has been quite a ride since then.

My career led me to work for a large well-known hair color manufacturer, as a hair color educator.   That had kept me extremely busy traveling all over the country teaching.


One Chair…since 1999

As it was my childhood burning desire to “do hair” and to become a hairstylist, I quickly realized that I did not like or agree with my own industry’s “norm” of double-booking appointments.

So, I did something really crazy, 21 years ago!    I STOPPED DOUBLE BOOKING. 


Reopening Massachusetts and A-One Chair Salon

My own experience, and account of the “impact”

My business, like any business, has it’s ups and downs….like the first time my business’s livelihood was threatened…that business test lasted for 3.5 years!!  Oh, my!


Now Enter Covid19 for the next business challenge!

Now when Covid19 came to our area, and how it has impacted the whole entire world…well that really has created things to change, for many.

It already seems like March was 5 years ago.  Yet it was only 2 months ago, when I was sitting at my desk, and I was realizing that my business was most likely going to be forced to close.



What would that look like?

I am self-employed.     My “job” and “passion” were just about to be abruptly interrupted, and I really did not have a say, because the larger picture of “Flattening The Curve” would soon become every day “Normal”, and without a timeline or an expiration date.


Now…Reopening Massachusetts for Salons

Per Mass.Gov
Limit service to hair services only (haircuts, color, blow-drying, and treatments). Non-hair services are not permitted (eyebrows, beard trimming, lip waxing, manicures, etc.)

• Provide training to workers on safety standards, up-to-date safety information and precautions including hygiene and other measures aimed at reducing disease transmission

• Adjust workplace hours and shifts (working teams with different schedules or staggered arrival/departure) to minimize contact across workers and reduce congestion

• Close waiting areas and ask customers to wait outside or in cars until it is time for their appointment • Require customers to make an appointment in advance to receive service


Reopening Massachusetts and A One Chair Salon

• Maintain a log of workers and customers to support contact tracing (name, date, time, contact information) if needed • Remove non-essential amenities (magazines, customer-facing water or coffee, coat rooms, etc.)

• All workers must stay home if feeling ill • Workers who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 according to the Centers for Disease Control (e.g., due to age or underlying conditions) are encouraged to stay home

• Encourage workers to self-identify symptoms or any close contact to a known or suspected COVID-19 case to the employer

• Encourage workers who test positive for COVID-19 to disclose to the workplace employer for purposes of cleaning / disinfecting and contact tracing.

If the employer is notified of a positive case at the workplace, the employer shall notify the local Board of Health (LBOH) in the city or town where the workplace is located and work with them to trace likely contacts in the workplace and advise workers to isolate and self-quarantine. Testing of other workers may be recommended consistent with guidance and/or at the request of the LBOH • Post notice to workers and customers of important health information and relevant safety

What the Loft Salon Studio DID NOT have to change?


Well, like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, back in 1999….I stopped double booking, AND began to offer private appointments!   For over 2 decades

I chose to grow my business, as a one chair salon, to be able to focus on my guests’ experience, and focus on growing a hair extension & hair color correction makeover business. 


Covid19 and Your Comfort are Priority #1

Hair-Extensions-Makeovers-Photography-Western-Ma 1
Hair-Extensions-Makeovers-Photography-Western-Ma 1

You can rest assured that you will no be in an overcrowded environment with lots of people, because of a creative business choice that I made decades ago.

So, what is “old”…is the “new” way….and I am happy to be part of the Reopening Massachusetts.    Over the years, there were many days that I had questioned whether I had made the right choice about giving up double-booking, and yet many clients have shared their experiences with working with me.

As a fellow Barber had stated on Facebook….“Mom and Pop shops are the backbone of our communities”, and I couldn’t agree with him more! 


So, in closing….I have no intention of going anywhere and am truly grateful for my community, family, and my creative stubbornness not to have thrown in the towel.  In fact, all of the time I have had off…helped me to dive into growing my online Motives Cosmetics business.  🙂

Life must go on, and you may need a new salon/stylist!


Thank you for reading.

Ann Marie Walts - Makeover Expert - Hair Extensions

Ann Walts

Owner of Loft Salon Studio & AMW Photography, Beauty and The Geek Coaching

2301 Westfield Street – West Springfield, Ma 01089


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