Review Of Loft Salon Studio – Best Hair Extensions


Jolene’s 4-Day Makeover


Please watch Jolene’s video.


Q.  Had you worn hair extensions before?

A. Yes.  I wore clip-in hair extensions everyday, and I was spending at least 45 minutes a day getting ready.



Step #1 (Day 1)  – She booked her consultation online through my website!  🙂


Step #2 (Day 2) – Next, on a separate day, she came in for her hair color correction to her very private and exclusive appointment.

Step #3 – At the end of her hair color appointment, I then color swatched/matched her new natural hair color to match the Great Length Hair Extensions. 

Everything has to be seamless. 


As the only reason you would want to tell anyone that you are wearing extensions is if you want to participate in my referral program……. 😉





The Mane Event!

Step #4 (Day 3)

On Day 3, Jolene came in for her ALL DAY HAIR EXTENSION MAKEOVER!     

Yes….it can take all day!   

Every makeover is unique, and the amount of time it can take to transform any of my guests or for yourself will vary.    This is WHY, it is not possible to answer the “how much will my hair be” over the phone.


Day 4 – The Follow Up


2 Weeks after every hair extension makeover, there is a follow-up check-up.

At this appointment, you will come in and we go over any outstanding questions.    As Certified Great Length Hair Extensionist, it is important that I know you are confident in the “how to” properly take care of your extensions.

Also, it is a fun appointment that is designed to teach you “how-to” style your own hair to look like it was done at the salon.


In Closing


Hair Extensions are a luxury, and having additional hair added to your own natural hair can definitely help your hair to be thicker, longer and have more body.

Your makeover experience starts to begin when you book a 1-hour consultation.    More than likely, you have never experienced this kind of appointment, and it is the most valuable service that I have to offer.

It’s important that you know what you are getting into before simply “jumping in”.

My services and personality are best suited for those who are ready to make a change, and are not looking for “the same” thing.


Are you ready to make a change?




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