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Spending Time With Clients

When you decide to get a makeover, it is a very personal decision.     Where will you go to experience that?   Who will you work with?

Many of the makeovers that my business has provided, over the  years, can take up to all day, and or have taken several appointments.

You need to feel comfortable with who you are going to work with, and you want to ensure that they:

  • Understand your wants & needs
  • Listen
  • Have the experience to get you to your goal


How many times have you watched a makeover show, and you sit there glued to see the very end.   I think the best part of a makeover show is the reveal or when they put the “before” and “after” shot next to each other.   Or how about when the guest gets to see them for the very first time?

Hair, makeup and photography are the perfect trio to provide that experience.

As a Makeover Expert, I cherish the time that guests have trusted me with their transformations.   It is always heart warming when they have taken their time to share their experiences.

Unless, otherwise stated, the photography of the “after” shots are by my other business

How many times have you posted a “Selfie” that you love of yourself, and your social media channel gets some hits.  It is fun, right?    Well, can you imagine getting a complete makeover?   BOOM! 

You do not have to take it from me that “you will get what you pay for”, if you do business with me….see more of what clients are saying!



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