Sewn-In Wefts Versus Fusion Extensions

Sewn-in wefts versus fusion extensions

Sewn-in Weft Versus Fusion Extensions!

Did you conduct thorough research and adopt a "Web MD" approach to inform your decision on hair extensions, ultimately opting for sewn-in wefts?

But now, are you experiencing regret due to their bulkiness, discomfort, and the pain they are causing? I can help you, just like I did for the client shown.

First, let me share with you that I'm certified by 6 different companies and EVERY type of application, and have been specializing in hair extensions for 18 years.

  • Sewn-In Wefts
  • Thermal Fusion
  • Cold Fusion
  • Bead Hair Extensions
  • Tape Hair Extensions

Sewn-in wefts started to trend about 10 years ago on the West Coast.  As they became more “popular” then many, many stylists hoped on the bandwagon.

This is partially due to of social media portraying a new trend.

But simply because something TRENDS…does not mean that this hair extension application is suitable for all hair types.

Ultimately, the correct hair extension application is the one that is BEST SUITED FOR YOUR HAIR TYPE!

My poor client had too much hair applied with her sewn-in wefts, causing irritation and pain.   It really bothers me, to this day…when I have to provide a “hair extension correction” because all of you work hard for your money.


Whatever type of application you get…you shouldn’t ever feel pain.  Plain and simple.

What advantages do Fusion Hair Extensions have over Sewn-In Wefts?

First of all, Fusion is so extremely lightweight that you won’t even know you are wearing them.
Additionally, you will not need to have your extensions moved up, and you can wear your hair up to 5 months!

So, if you have a very busy schedule, then you are best to opt for Fusion because out of all of the applications, Fusion offers the most customization overall.

Ok, then….what hair types are best suited for the Sewn-In method if you still want to go that route?

From my years of professional experience, this type of application is best suited if you already have thicker hair, and this is because you need enough hair to support the weight of the wefts.

And lastly, if you want to, and wear your hair in a higher ponytail, then Fusion will be the way to go!

If you are currently wearing Sewn-in wefts, and need a change, please reach out to me.  You will not be disappointed switching to Fusion.