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If you are searching “eyelash extensions near me” and want to find a very experienced lash stylist then you will want to check out our eyelash extensions.

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We have been certified by both Xtreme Lashes and Bella Lash since 2007.

Eyelash and Hair Extensions are what we do.

If you are tired of wearing mascara, or are going on vacation and simply want to pamper yourself, then you can give us a call at 413-734-6204.

We offer online booking, too.    Click here to book online today!

Your lashes can last indefinitely with regular maintenance.   The minimum that you would want to come is once a month.   Lots of our clients find the fills so relaxing that they like to come back about 2 times a month.

Feel free to come every week if you like.

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5 Important Things To Know About Eyelash Extension Pricing

Where were you in 2007, and what birthday were you celebrating? It’s a funny question, right? If we do the math, together, 2007 was 14 years ago……….. I was taking my first, and not my last Xtreme Lashes certification.  New To Lashes? I understand if you are excited, and maybe confused about who to work […]

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Your First Visit

Lash Extensions Your First Visit Here are the important things to know and do before your eyelash extension treatment. You will need to arrive 10 minutes before every appointment. Please allow UP TO 3 hours and that will include the consultation time. *The amount of application time varies depending on the stylized look, and many natural

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Lash Extension Application-Western Ma

Not Your Drugstore False Lashes

The fastest way to get longer lashes is to get professional lash extensions.    Once you see the customization that can be offered….you will get hooked. As lash extensions are becoming more popular, you may find that there may be more options or business to choose from, these days. With that said,did you know that

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Best Eyelash Extensions Western Ma

Certified Eyelash Extension Stylist – 15 Years

Certified Eyelash Extension Stylist – We are happy to be celebrating 10 years of being certified by both Xtreme Lashes and Bella Lash extensions. With a decade of experience your lashes will be full, long and lush! Our studio specializes in extensions. 413-734-6204   Eyelash Extensions Are Customized! Maybe for you, you are just wanting

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You Are Worth It! Lash Extensions

Volume Lashes Fuller Looking Eyelashes To often you forget to take time out for yourself, and how often do your feel a little guilty spending money on yourself? There are many benefits to getting lash extensions and the best benefit is the relaxation factor.   The winter months can be so cold, dreary and cold.   

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Eyelash Extensions! Thick Beautiful Lashes – Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal Features Eyelash Extensions Would it not be great to wake up not needing to wear makeup? Eyelash Extensions are a great way to have you waking up looking refreshed. It is so very important to do your homework when you are seeking out a certified eyelash stylist.   Maybe you have stumbled on my blog,

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Turn Up The Volume – Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume is a advanced eyelash extension technique.   Not all salons that offer eyelash extensions, are versed in providing this type of extension service. The photograph shown is my work, and reflects what Russian Volume looks like.   Photo credit: Ann Marie Walts Photography I have been: Featured as “Lash Stylist Of The Month” Advanced

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eyelash hair growth cyle regarding eyelash extensions

Realistic Expectations Eyelash Extensions

Your Lashes & Extensions will shed….please read. Realistic Expectations Eyelash Extensions   Realistic expectations about eyelash extensions begins with being educated about many things. About your hair growth About Aftercare Today’s ads in magazines   A Little Bit Of Science   Providing eyelash extensions and receiving them require being educate about the “how, what &

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Protecting Your Eyelash Extensions

Tips and Advice About Aftercare… Protecting eyelash extensions is very important to understand how and why to properly take care of them.   Are They “Lashes” Or Extensions?   It has been my professional experience that you can quickly forget that your are actual wearing extensions.    Extension for both eyelashes and or hair extensions require a little

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