Take Your Hair From Good To Great

Take Your Hair From Good To Great


When is the last time you loved your hair?     I mean really loved your hair.


Experiencing frustrations with either the style, texture or thinness can be very emotional, however there are many solutions to stop “the bad hair day” in its tracks.


Wigs, Hairpieces & Hair Extensions


Adding more hair can really be the solution to take you hair from good to great.    This solution is good for any reason or any age.


Inspiration From Clients

In a conversation with a client, I had expressed wondering if hair extensions were just a fad?

Now you have to imagine, that this particular service I have been providing for 10 years, and am extremely passionate about; but often I have wondered will the trends change to the point that there will not be a need for hair extensions?

Clients Answer:   “Fine hair is never going away”…….

My inspiration:   Some of the best education that I receive is from working with my clients.   That was a “wow” moment.


Enters Wigs & Hairpieces

Over the last decade, professionally I have had brief professional encounters with working with some wigs and gone to some specialized trainings.


Coming Soon!   

More focused on offering a variety of wigs & hairpieces.


Due to client inspirations:

As clients have shares their personal thoughts about how the way their hair looks, and how that effects the way they feel….it moves me as a hairstylist & makeover artist to learn more to be able to say “yes, I can help you.”

Not everyone can get hair extensions.     It saddens me to have to decline a client’s wish to have hair added by way of extensions, but their is not enough of natural hair to provide the service.


Wigs & Hair Pieces

With today’s current “trends in fashion”, wigs & hair pieces are a staple for the celebrities.   Not all of them are born with the hair that they have……..shhhh it’s a secret.

Secret….not really.




My studio’s goal is to be able to help you with whatever struggles you have with your hair or lack off, in a very private & fun environment.

My next educational trip will be to Miami to attend a HairUWear class to learn about a whole portfolio or what I like to call an “arsenal of solutions”.



Adding More Hair Is The Answer!

The beauty of considering adding more hair or thinking of it as an “accessory” is that whether your need is a necessity or one that is just for the sake of “accessorizing”, then you will experiencing not having a bad hair day.


  • Ready to wear wigs


  • Clip On hair additions
    • Bangs
    • Ponytails
    • Hair extensions


  • Hair Extensions
    • Clip in
    • Tape Hair Extensions
    • Fusion Hair Extensions


Many of my clients that are currently wearing additional hair, have expressed to me that their self confidence is boosted and they simply just feel good about not having to worry about their hair anymore.


Thank you for your time.

Ann Marie Walts





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