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Hey!  Your time is appreciated.

It is extremely helpful to me, to know what you need help with, before I reach out to you.

Please answer when I call you back at the time you requested.

Thank you.

Ann Marie Walts


The amount of customization that you will incredible. 

This is why we have to meet in person.


You can expect that I will give you professional expert advice with various options.

Hair Extensions - The Best Hair

Realistic Expectations

My business is all about meeting, exceeding and setting you up with realistic expectations. 

Makeover Agreement

Once we finalize the creative direction from your consultation, then it's time for you to sign your Makeover & Financial Agreement. 

You get a 1 to 1 - Private Appointment with

Ann Marie Walts

The power of the type of makeover experience that I can personally design for you is so transformational, and unique that you simply cannot buy what I have to customize for JUST YOU...ANYWHERE ELSE.

When you want to look and feel your best.......and be pampered with nothing but the best...............

Well, that's when you come to me!


Come as you are...and I will take care of the rest.  

Ann Marie Walts
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